Music Industry Contracts!

As we all know, music industry contracts can be a very important issue, to make it official when it comes to real business, and real money.

Because s Bands and singers have for songs by submitting our 'looking for Songs?' form, I always recommend that before going to the next step,if necessary, the best thing is that you make good arrangements on paper. Especially when you're dealing with people you never seen before and don't know anything about. In this situation, contracts can be used for every collaboration.. Let's say, between a tune writer, and a lyric writer.. Or between a manager and a band, a music publisher ( music publishing contract..

A record deal.signed by a band. or the manager., and many more situations, when money is involved, when a music contract can be very useful..

Many people in the industry advice that when it comes to contracts, you better seek legal advice ( wit an attorney/ solicitor). With other words ,let the contract reading by an expert, read by a lawyer/solicitor. Of course, when it's about a big contract( let's say a $200,000 deal or publishing contract) and big money, where there is much to win and much to loose.

But even then, an entertainment Lawyer... is also a costly matter. Do you wish to invest a large sum of money in an uncertain adventure?

our E-zin back issues...:

But what when a friend or a band want to cover my songs?

Best thing is that both parties ( band/songwriter) sign the contract, this to avoid problems in the future.

Fact is that you need a deal, an agreement between all the parties involved, and this written and signed on paper, and if possible in plain English.

As an example I shall take the Bands/artists who have demand for strong material.Let me first of all say this. It's a win-win agreement. The band has the first choice. They can choose the songs they think will be a smashing hit.

What to include in the contract?

So.. no complains afterward. The songwriter must be happy too. When his material is been chosen, he knows that he will get a copy of the (nearly) perfect recording, and the performers ( the band) will try to get a record label or a publishing deal( or both). This doesn't mean that the songwriter in the meanwhile is laying in the sun on his back. He too can also pitching out submissions, as he wish to do so.

If the band /artist loves the material, he or she can contacts the songwriter to come to an agreement.

What do you have to state or to put in this contract?

That's hard to tell. The few things that you might wish to have in a contracts : 1- The duration of the agreement. This for a, specific period, let's say, 3 to 6 month. If you ain't set up a date , you possibly going to see your song back again.

2)-Emphasize that you wish to receive a copy of the (close to professional) recording and don't let this take too long( no longer than 2-3 weeks) and put the time within you want to receive a copy of the demo recording.

So, probably the kind of music industry contracts that are just right for you too.

I suggest that you'll read the following article. It's about music contracts and very interesting.

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