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As you probably already have noticed,on account of covid 19 and the corona virus pandemic, there is almost no activity from festivals . Hopefully the year 2021 will be the end of  these miserable times for music artists.

Here you'll find a selection with festivals from the European continent ( Not UK Uk festivals here). for the unsigned band,singer songwriter... The Netherlands,Belgium, Germany...France...Denmark...

The most exciting thing to do as a band is the performing.

To do what you have been practicing for hours and hours. Then, finally the day that you go on stage. Stage fright!

The competition for unsigned bands provides a great opportunity to perform live in front of A&R Execs,top producers, music promotors.... For some big festivals you have to do audition and for other competitions (the smaller ones) maybe not.. At the moment there is no news , good or bad, concerning the music festivals in the summer period. Let's hope the pandemic will be solved or significantly smaller by the end of June, so we can go to a normal life again .  

Music Festivals Europe: Here's the List...

From a few sites who are specialized in providing info concerning festivals held ..

Festivals from Germany..

Berlin 14 day festival to support Liebig 14 in Berlin. Founded in 1990, shortly after re-unification, Liebig14 is one of Berlin's oldest

Germany Festivals. Festival photo Munich .  Vainstream Rockfest Website. Germany Festivals

Belgian music festivals...

we provide a catalogue of the Belgian Blues Festivals that we know of (some great jazz festivals may be mentioned too).

Music festivals the Netherlands..

The Summer festivals in the Netherlands .

Showcase submissions for Euro Sonic Noorderslag 2011 are open! ... Eurosonic Noorderslag 2011

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