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Welcome to our 'Music composer' page.. Here you'll find advice writing soundtracks music and or how to team-up with a lyric writer.. Melody writer and lyric-writer. Where there's a yin there's also yang. One can't make a business without the help of the other.

Songwriting is putting a melody on poetry...It's combining words and music in a harmonius way so that a new song is born...

On the other hand, you can be a composer of music for films, and the game industry...They needed good tunes all the time...

Lyric-writers have already a page on our website and can send their relevant information about their lyrics , and melody writers can do the same on the end of this article. So, they can find each other in the news letter and get in contact for an possible teaming-up in a join venture.

Of course, when you do this you have to make a few appointments.

Both party's have to make and sign an agreement, and when you are copyrighting your material, don't forget to mention both names( melody and lyric-writer) on the application forms.

I know that there are companies organizing these collaboration service. As I have explained in the lyric-writer already, a tune writer tries his luck with a lyric writer.When the last one agree to write a lyric for your melody, he also takes the cost for a demo recording.

Some services and companies finding that this is the normal procedure, but I don't think that it's not necessary to follow.. I think that a melody composer and lyric writer have to learn to know each other..They need to build a band , or better, a trust between each other..I don't think that one or the other should pay for the recording without knowing one an other..Weiting songs is a buisness, and in a business it's always recommended that you know your partner in buisness avoid problems..

After all, you are still strangers.. Mail and write,chat or phone with ..(social media is the perfect way) When teaming-up building a band between one an other is important..for your future plans.. Both melody writer and lyric writer, can  focus on doing what they suppose the do the best.. 

Music composer Composing tunes...

Film music, soundtracks, tv commercials, ringtones ...and the Game industry..

Just to name a few..

When you're doing in melody songwriting, then you not only can collaborate with a lyricist,but also, you can start to write tunes for film and/or television commercials.

How you get paid? 

That's all depending for which medium you are writing or working..

In most cases you get a fee for each performance, and piece of music that you write..

Then you are a music composer..

There are some companies who are only doing into music for film-and television purpose. Perhaps this can be your chance to make some money, to start a career in film or television commercials.

Imagine what a fantastic experience it would be to get your music into the movies or onto television for commercials! So, you see that you can start a music career and making money as a music composer.You can write music for films..videos, T.V commercials, T.V. phones...

Of course, you need to be good.. You need the right skills..

One of the most famous music composers...Hans the composer of the Batman movies...

Want to learn more about the craft of songwriting...then this page is the right one...Return to the 'Writing Songs' !... page....

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