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The biggest advantage of having a site of your that you promote yourself and your music to the world.

It's easy and fun...

How important is a site for a songwriter or any music artist?

Well, let me tell you this.

Having your own website it's by far the most the most exiting promotion that you can imagine. Although, you need to know some tricks on how to get some traffic and visitors to your site first, but once you're on track with the right web host, it can't go wrong.

But one thing clear, you need to be a good student and do exactly what you're told to do.

Online..Best promotion.. The Internet is one big market... 

On the World Wide Web you can find all the people you need and all the companies you need, to set up a successfully musical career.

The average web surfer, the fans, the music business people. Every human , searching for information or they're searching for new music,.....

The web is in fact A gigantic market place with more than 50,000,000 websites and growing..

High competitive, of course, but....

Building a music business website is something that you could do in the first place for your fans, but also for other visitors. They visit your site out curiosity . If your site is looking great, they'll read your biography. They want to listen to samples of your music, probably even downloading some of your songs or your latest CD( for a fair price of course).

Visitors   can also watch stream video gig performance. This is all possible when having a web presence.

Music Business Website: How to promote your site?

 First thing first...

  • How to get people to your site. Than you need to know a bit of SEO, or "Search Engine Optimization".
  • Make you site ready for the spiders to crawl your content, and everything else that's on your site.
  • Never forget the content of your website. Content in any an important part of your site. Put some good original content on your pages for the  Search engines ( Google,Bing,Yahoo...) they love good content. Information that people are looking for on the web,and why they came to your site  in the first place.

You'll become World Famous

Believe it or not but your visitors can be living on the other site of the world ( and mostly they do) and they can living next door.

They love your songs and will download your music ..

Great! They'll also subscribe to your (free) newsletter and read all information (up-coming gigs..)and they might become real fans.

They are happy, and you are certainly. Who's asking for more?

Turning your hobby into your business and still love doing it!

While your fan base is growing, A&R people will become interested in you(with your fan base growing) and your site and make a visit your web site to look how professional you are ,how good your performance is on stage and to listen to some song samples. Tell me, could it be better?

So, now that you're convinced that building a website is an important issue...

Free or paid website?

If you wish to reach out to a lot of people...Then,

You need content on your music business website. Something that's really valuable for visitors...When you start a website or an online music business,content is the key for traffic.Also the most important item on your website.

OK, You need  images, maybe even flashy bells and whistles, but it's the content on your music business website that counts for the search engines and so to attrack visitors.... So, the more content you have,the more keywords SE find on your site,and the more traffic you will have to your site.

We have said the magic words that make visitors come to your website: KEYWORDS

As an example:

Many web  masters are having an link page, or a contact page... So they ad a link page that named: or mysite/links .

That's totally wrong SEO. Search engines have a billion searches with the terms: Links-to, or link-page. You need to be more specific. If your site is about guitars, then you can name your link page: /guitar-resources, or Guitar-links. With these keywords , your link page have a change to get a ranking and be found with the bigger search engines..

Youtube..? Facebook ?Twitter..?

 We all know these as social networking sites, and most of us are using these sites a window to the world..

One thing though.. Facebook, or any other social networking site can't never replace a real website.... It's good to promote your own site through social networking, but to use it as your only web presence is not a smart thing to do..

You wanna make money, and so you wish to start an online music business, and a music business website... One thing clear! Forget the "Get rich quick and easy" thing! If you come or see commercials on the net that prommises you heaven and earth in one,two, three.. without any work at all... Just run...If it's to good to be true, it's not true.. Period...Easy...

True. Building a website and starting an online business is made easier then ever. OK, You still need to know some HTML, but not much.

If you're not such a cybernetic person, then that's allright , because you doesn't need to know all this to make a good web site.

If you know about your music instruments, or about your music recording equipment? You can write about it.

Gigs,promotions that you have done.. All kind of things that are important for you , and thereby could be important for others too.

If you do it this way.. Then instead of building a music business website , you can  build yourself a music business! In the real world, setting up a business  cost you a small fortune. A good website cost you $ 299 a year. This money you'll get back easily by the money that you make. Selling your CD's ,promoting your gigs...

I forget to tell you that you can make not only fame with a good music business web site, but also fame and fortune. True, it takes time and effort.. Just like your songwriting career...But you can become famous on the Internet...for sure...

Music Business means money,

learn it all here.. By the way....Life is learning...

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