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Hi and welcome to " Major record labels" page. These major labels are in fact biggest players in the music industry. For many years and during all those years these labels have been building a reputation and an impressive artist rooster.

In fact,there are only four record labels that can say that they're the head players in the music industry.

The fat four are:

Universal or UMG ,EMI,Sony and the Warner music group.

Until 1998 there were 6 major labels. The four record labels of today, and also Polygram and BMG music.

In 1998 polygram has been fusion to Universal, and in 2004 BMG was bought by Sony. So, there where left only four big players in the recording industry...

Major Record Labels explained...

  • Universal Music Group (UMG) is the largest of the major  labels. It is  by its commanding market share and its multitude of global operations, a wholly owned subsidiary of international French media conglomerate Vivendi.

Vivendi's headquarters are in Paris, France. The UMG global headquarters are located New York City, but they have also offices in Nashville, Tennesee,and Santa Monica,Ca

Universal Music Group owns a music publisher, Universal Music Publishing Group, which became the world's largest following the acquisition of BMG Music Publishing in May 2007.

Sony was a Japanese business company producing electrial devices, and also one of the first developers of the compact disc. In 1968, CBS and Sony formed CBS/Sony Records. A compact disc production plant was constructed in Japan under the joint venture, allowing CBS to begin supplying some of the first compact disc releases starting in 1983.

Warner Music Group (WMG) is the third-largest business group in the Major recording industry. The company was formed in 2004 after a split-up with Time Warner ( well known from as film production company). Warner Music Group also has a music publishing branche :Warner/Chappell Music.

  • Warner/Chappel music started way back in 1811 as a sheet music and and musical instruments merchant in London..Jack Warner, the President of Warner Bros company in 1929 founded the Music Publishers  holding company..better know as: M.P.H.C. The British music copyrights organisation...

So, the music arm of the Warner group was getting bigger and bigger, until today, it's still the Major player in the world of music business and the music industry.

  • The EMI Group The 'Electric and Musical Industries Ltd' is an UK based music company, but also the smalest of the four major record labels..There's also a music publishing division in New York..Because of the declines in sales , this company was bought by Terra Capital Partners..what was the result of the illegal downloading , and 'FREE' music sites available on the internet..

The Semi Major...

Polydor records was almost the fith major label .. But it became otherwise...Still polydor records is a prestigious label...Founded in 1946 in Germany, the UK division  was established not for ten years later...

Polydor may be concerned as the 'almost' major record label. The roster of famous music artist who have signed on this record label speaks for it selves...Bryan Adams,Eric Clapton,Eminem,Black eyed peas..Lady Gaga, Sting,50 cent,..and many , many more.. So, you noticed.. It's not a small independent label...Like I said.. A 'near' Major record label...Of course.. This label, as the other bigger labels have  field   the impact of the Internet and the free downloads sites too..

.Most of the labels had to reorganize and had to do things keep the loss of income as low as possible.. The biggest losses  came by  songwriter who could only exist of the income from royalties.. When every one started to download music for free.. These people where feeling the effects and devastating impact of illegal downloading ...

Now, the big  question is...

Is it worth to spend your time and money on sending  submissions to Major music business labels, is it?..

If you really are convinced that your music is strong enough to meet the standards of the major record labels, and it's  for your priority number one to get a major record deal, then at least try to find a name ( from A&R Exec staf )inside the company. Of course, this is easier said than done, because like I said before. The major record labels rather want to find you than you find them.

If you belong to the lucky few who can achieve an offered  record deal ( or publishing deal) , then before signing, you better let it examine by a pro. Before signing any thing ( a bad contract,or bad for you anyway..) that you will regret, ask a entertainment lawyer to look over the contract before it is signed. Certainly when it's going about contracts with six numbers.

That's what music industry is all about...You want to make money, and they want to make money!

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