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No matter what musical instrument you gonna take as you instrument of choice, you gonna have to take some lessons and learn how to play the piano.

Right here you'll find a list with resources that will guide you to achieve your goal, so you can take the next step into your songwriting career.

No adder how you wish to learn playing piano.. By ear or the classical way, the goal is to accompany yourself on the piano, while singing your own songs.

So remember: Knowledge is the key to success. Continue to learn piano and adapt new skills,and improve the addapted ones.

Never give up! Determination wins!

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Take piano lessons online lets you learn to play the piano at home with adult piano lesson and beginner piano lessons or children piano lessons.


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My advice to improve your songwriting skill is to practice the piano  daily, even when it's just for a few minutes. Believe me,it will change your playing as it should be. Be a good student...

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