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Welcome to the "learn guitar" page. Here you'll find a list with lessons just right for your songwriting career

The more you play, the better you will get!

Believe me,it will change your playing and songwriting the right way.

Remember: Knowledge is the key to success. Songwriting is an never ending learning and adapting process.

My best advice is this. To improve your songwriting you have to practice. Learn guitar daily, even if it's just for a few minutes, but take your guitar and play.

So, don't give up to quickly. 

Learn guitar here.......

Learn how to play Jazz Guitar...Free guitar lessons, articles, videos...


Cyberfret.com Free online lessons using audio and video, about how to play the guitar. This site also features a tablature section and links to many guitar and music resources.



Guitar and bass tabs, tablature resources, and online lessons.

Chordware.com : Progression Assistant Music Software for Guitar and Piano!


Learnguitar.net.Here you'll find hundreds of on-line videos that you can watch anytime.


Guitarnoise.com offering free on-line lessons for guitar,


How-to-play-guitar.com One of the best ways to teach yourself how to play guitar is to find music on the web, and teach yourself to play it.


CrossRoads.com Here you'll find guitar music, guitar songs, and guitar lessons.



Acousticguitar.com is an online e-zine wit all useful info for musicians and songwriters- guitar players.


Learn Guitar part 2
Learn to play the guitar with Guitar video free lessons: Guitar Instruction videos!

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