Keyboard Synthesizer

The keyboard synthesizer is an very popular musical instrument, especially among young people it's the ideal instrument for songwriting.

It's an electronic instrument designed to produce electronically generated sounds, using techniques such as additive, subtract, physical modeling synthesis, or phase distortion.

It create sounds through direct manipulation of electrical voltages( as in analog synthesizers), or in combination of both methods.

To handle this instrument you need to be skilled, musicality, intelligence, just like with every other instrument.

In fact, it's an advantage if you're acomputer mindet type of person, if you want to use the fully capacity of the instrument(connected to your PC).

History of the Keyboard/syntheziser

The inventor of the synthesizer was Robert A Moog and this is still a brand in the world of music instruments.

Of course , the first synthesisers where total different from the modern keyboards we know now. The size of a modern keyboard, for instants, is a lot smaller then it was in the sixties, or seventies.Anyway, the common sizes of this instrument is depending of the number of keys.

#-61-keys:Yamha, Korg, Roland, Alesis..

#-76-keys:Roland, Yamaha, Clavia, Korg..

#- 88 keys : Kursweil, Yamaha, Korg, Alesis, Roland.

How more keys on your keyboard, how clother to the real piano, and how more gou have to pay for it, of course.

Some Brants of synthezisers

  • Yamaha: Here you'll find not only musical instruments, but also professional audio products, home audio, Video products, recording equipment..web site:
  • Korg: Not only a famous manufacturer of music sythesizers/ keyboards, but also for his music workstations, digital recording systems, signal processors, and tuners.
  • Clavia: Manufacturer of keyboards. Their products are, the Nord Stage, Nord Lead2X, Nordlead 3, Nord Modular.web site:
  • Roland Boss: Digital instrument manufacturer- Keyboards, Drums, .
  • www.rolandus

The MIDI- keyboard!

This is a piano-style digital instrument device used for sending MIDI signals or commands to other devices connected to the same interface as the keyboard.

MIDI is an acronym for Musical Instrument Digital Interface ( protocol)The basic MIDI-keyboard does not produce sound.Instead, MIDI information is sent to an electronic module capable of reproducing an array of digital sounds or samples that resemble traditional analog musical instruments.

These sample are also refered to as voices.

  • Edirol (PCM 30/50/80 ) is such and instrument and Edirol is a company that manufacture all kind of electronic devices from instruments to recording equipment.

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