Independent Record Labels

There are many Independent record labels, but the  the big players on the music market are the major record companies : Columbia, EMI,Sony,Universal , and then there's the new player on the field, Virgin Records.

But your best bet  are the independent record companies..There are a lot of them, and for sure one is for you..and your style of music..

In fact ,It's a little waste of time and money to target the fat four...

What is an 'Independent record label'?

Set your target at the indie labels.. If you win there, the chances are that you reach the major labels also...

Also, before pitching out your demo submissions, don't forget to do some research to the A&R Reps. For instants, find out what style of music they are looking for..

A typed promotion letter typed with your address. Before sending out, make sure you check for typos, use a spelling checker. Also, your CD must be impeccable  and must sound broadcast ready,if possible, of course.

Never sending unsolicited

When targeting the US record labels...

Never send unsolicited packages to US record labels. They simply will not accept it. And, in some states of the U.S. it is illegal to send unsolicited. You'll get a "Return to sender". So don't waste your money. Send them ( the A&R Executives) an e-mail, make a phone call : Ask permission before sending your package.

Below the "Style of music list", you'll find also two pages with record labels listed by country, one for United States labels, and one for the UK. Both pages contain independent record labels that currently accepting demo submissions.....

This in case you wish to send to U.S. or U.K. independent record labels..

A selection with UK and Northern American record labels...

 American record labels..

UK record label accepting submissions..

Independent Record Labels: Here's the list...

Here you'll find the Independent record labels by style of music........

Jazz Record labels

Jazz record company

Blues record label 1

Blues record labels 2

Drum and Bass record labels

Rock record labels part 1

Rock record labels 2

Rock music label part 3

Hip Hop and Rap : part 1

Hip Hop and Rap : part 2

Dance Record label 1

Dance record labels 2

Electronic music record labels

There's ....

With indie record labels of following genres of music: film music soundtracks,Folk,Country music, reggae,Jazz,and Latin music. Go to our Here you'll find 'Record labels' part 1..

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