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Hi and welcome to our 'Independent record label' page.. Beside the four major record labels , all the rest of record labels are independent. Record companies are led by the A&R reps. In human language this means "The Artist and Repertoire Representatives", or also known as the record labels talent scouts for artists and bands... A few tips before submitting your demo to the A&R or publisher.

A few tips

Before submitting your demo to the A&R or publisher.

A and R rep their job is to find new band and artist. They find this talent while scouting on gigs. What they looking for is a band or an artist with specific style of music, just something they like a lot... Also they listen to demo submissions to find new talented bands or artists..

So, make sure that, if you are in hard-rock or metal then don't send your submissions to a country or a dance label. It would be quit stupid and just a waste of time and money. You have to do some research before pitching out your promotion package.

An independent record label receives hundreds or even thousand of packages every week. If you wish to make a chance then make sure that your band's press kit looks nice, and really professional. Your package does have to look perfect and your demo has to sound perfect too.

  •  First of all ,to get signed , your song material must be extremely strong. Your-package must look perfect.
  •  A jiffy bag with printed label.
  •  A nice written promotion letter. This means: typed and printed without any typos ( spelling checker can be helpful). Your demo too must also be properly labeled and the recording must sound broadcast ready. Of course, if possible.
  • On every piece included into your package, add your name and address.Your telephone number, your e-mail address and a website URL if you have one ( if you want to be taken for a pro).
  • .After sending your demo submissions to record labels of your choice, you have to wait about 4 to 8weeks before purchase them for an answer. You Will do this by making a phone-call. Ask for the person that you have send your package to. Then ask what-they think about the Demo.

Independent record label: This can happen...

  • They will blow you of .Or they will say that they didn't like the demo!

  • Or the independent record label didn't received your package or have been loosing it in the office!(Yes, this could happens also)
  • In any case , don't start to scream or insult the people on the other site of-the line. Thank them for the time and hang up. Try again in about six month to a year later.

  • When you have new songs you can send them a package again. Maybe when you phone them , they had the chance to listen to your CD . If you stay friendly they maybe dig up your CD from under the dust and listen to it. If the recording is fantastic. Then you have a very good chance to get a contract after being scouted on one of your gigs of course.

Keep in mind that...

An A&R will never offering  a contract because they like you , or that you are such a friendly guy, a good sport...

Not in a million years..If you think that, then stop dreamin' because we are living in the real world not in a movie script.

To find Labels accepting submissions, here's the

To the US labels!

Never send unsolicited packages to US labels. They will not accept it. And, in some US states unsolicited mail is illegal. So don't waste your money. Ask trough e-mail for permission first and send then your package.

Another thing is that all the money you get in advance ,when you signed a contract, the record company will charge it back as soon the money start to flow in. In case you are thinking about starting

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