How to become a songwriter?

"How to become a songwriter?" is a very frequent asked question that every new beginner musician will ask himself. It's up to you to find out if you have the right skils to write great songs..

Time will learn so..

All you can do is writing songs as many as possible, and have fun doing it.. Then nothing can go wrong..

Anyway, the first step that you have o take...

First of all you have to buy an instrument  that's right for  your songwriting. This could be  a guitar,synthesizer or a piano, and you need start learning the instrument.

Normally, knowing to play a few basic chords would be enough to set the first steps in your songwriting career.

You start on a low level, and as your playing is developing,then you start to write songs.

Some start with writing the lyrics first and making the music after. But it can be also that you compose your tunes with a guitar,synth,piano.., then you save each tune that you've created on your computer.

If you you think that you have quit a collection of tunes, then you start working on the song it selves.

How to do this? By brainstorming the right theme, and then the right lyrics with the right tune. You select one of your saved tunes, then you choose a theme that you think would fit with the music.. Then you start writing the lyrics. I'm telling you all this, because this is the way I work. Like I said before, others will begin with the lyrics first and then create the right music to it..

Again, writing a song some times it takes 5 minutes...and some time a whole year or longer...

Or if you think that you have wrote enough songs( let's say about 10 to 15) you select the best ones for your promotion demo.

You make a recording of your selected songs. So you can do this at home, or you maybe prefer to let your promotion demo recorded by a professional. This can be in a recording studio, or a specialized demo recording service...

Anyway, make sure that your promotion demo is recorded at the best quality, because otherwise you risk to receive many rejection letters from publishers,record labels.

When your demo is ready, you can start with promotion. You start to promote these songs to the music industry (music publishing companies). In the meanwhile, you start to write the next song, and then an other one.. You just keep on writing..and so you become a songwriter.

All true ,but more...

Songwriting is more than making money and fame..

Writing songs is more than fame and fortune..

It must be your passion, and also about talent.

Developing your talent, adapting new things that you never had thought you had..

Learning is one of the head keys to be successful. Learn to play your instrument, to learn about language and lyrics... If you wish,You can also learn more about recording your songs and music music..

O.K. You can write songs for yourself, and no one will ever hear them.

But why you would be that stupid? If you could make job of your passion , why wouldn't you do so. It's something millions of people can only dream of..

So,"How to become a songwriter with success"?

Well.. Your songs need to be published first. So,you need to get a publishing deal for your songs. Or... you can do the publishing himself. Being a publisher doesn't need any special qualifications, so everyone can start a publishing company.

Of course, you need to know how, or better you need the know-how to do it.

Like I said before: "Everything can be learned, and besides "How to become a songwriter?" you can also think about "How to become a publisher?".

As a songwriter, If you have publishing deal and you get a record deal, then 50 % of the royalties coming from the song are going to the publisher. That's One good reason to start your own publishing company. All the revenues will be split by the songwriter and the music publisher in a 50/50 deal.

Still, a song can get a lot of revenue from radio and TV airplay. But again all the revenue will be split up in a equal 50/50 part deal.

The amount of money you will earn is depending how big success your song will be, and when it's a hit..

Of course, some famous songwriters earning millions of dollars in royalties ( Mc Cartney, Sting,Elton name a few) but in fact everyone has the change to grab his piece of the music business cake...

How to become a  songwriter and get signed?

Now  you know :"How to become a songwriter?".. but another thing is "How to get signed with a music publisher?

You just start with Start writing a song and that's it.. But "How to get signed with a (major) record label?" that's the next obstacle to take. First of all you have to ask yourself: Do I have the Right skill(s)?

Am I a good at writing lyrics? Can I play the guitar and create original compositions?.

When you say yes to these questions, then the next qeustion is:

Will I agree to do three things: Work, work and Work again.

Work means: Writing songs, practice your instrument playing,and again write more songs. Practice makes perfect..

Work means also:Putting effort in music promotion. Promoting your demo not only takes time, but it'll cost you some money too..

The most simple way is to ask the opinion of the professional music business people. First of all, by the feedback that you'll get when sending out your demo submissions or promotion packages to record labels and/or music publishers.

Ask their opinion..

If you need to be convinced of your own talent, then that's the easiest way to find out. Isn't it so?

If you have the talent, they will notice, and they will tell you .

Always remember that success isn't an easy to achieve, and in fact, you have to earn it.

So..If people ask me: " How to become a songwriter"?

Songwriter Harry Edgar

How to become a successfull songwriter?

The magical words are: Work! Practice!

The main reason for the huge Competition is simply because, millions of songwriters,  and music artists are fighting  to grab a piece of the music business cake.Every one wants to achieve success..

Becoming successful is not easy..

Knowledge is the key to success. Don't underestimate "Knowing more then your competition", is not an empty message is this high competitive business, as music business is suppose to be.

You will have to convince the A&R and the publisher of your songwriting qualities , by delivering great music and songs. Not an easy task,believe me..


With this site we'll try help you to achieve this goal. What others have to find throughout the years...we try to provide you right here.. All the information that you'll need to reach success.

Further on our site you'll find interesting topics on "how to become a songwriter and getting a songwriting (publishing)deal?...

How to become a songwriter?

Well, perhaps today it looks like...a far away dream.

But keep in mind that... Rome isn't build in one day either...

Making living of your music, it's like living your dream..

Don't give up on your dream. Focus on what you can do best and work to improve.

So,next time you ask yourself "How to become a songwriter?", then it's simple..You write you first song..and continue to do so.. Then you need to take the first step, and then the next one , and the next...up to the top of the the music business.

Every time a little bit higher on the ladder, if you want to succeed in your goal to become a singer songwriter and the fame and..... Thanks for your visit to "How to become a songwriter?" page. Feel free to visit the other pages on this web site too. Below you'll find a subscription box for our monthly newsletter.

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