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Hi and welcome to our 'home recording" page. Recently we've made a split-up  on the information of our 'music recording' page. It's now a 'home recording' page  information page ( and that's this page you are visiting..and a 'pro studio recording'  The different lays in that the Pro recording page is that you leave the recording into the hands of professional recording engineers....with lots and lots of equipment.. and experience.

This page however is about recording in your own private home.. and with your own equipment and at your own pass and your own time.Learning the whole business of recording and mastering your own music. It will influence the quality of your recording. At first you will need to learn, but todays equipment  isn't all that difficult any longer and from a way better quality than you can imagine.

Home recording in three acts!

The recording of your material happens in three steps. The first step is the raw first quick recording of any sound or melody , a simple try out.

The second is a better recording with a digital recording studio.  These recording production companies can be evaluated to see if the song is really that good, or if can the song get improved. You can surely find some reviews through google search or social media.

Make a regular back-up of your recordings ..You never knows what happens with your computer data.  Without a back-up you can loose  everything... all your recording data. Saving data on a harddisc or online  must get a  normal habit, otherwise you can loose a huge amount of valueble  content.

And so... you've taken the first steps! You wrote your first song(s)..up to the next..and the next. It's an never ending story, really.

The recording of your demo is an other more complex story, than your first rough recording at home.

The third recording is the mastering. This can happen in your recording studio, on your digital recording studio, or you can go to a professional recording studio and  hire a real engineer. It's expensive but professional move. Your recording will be excellent. 

Building your home studio!

Nothing better than the calms of your own trusted home. No clock ticking, and working at your own schedule and at your own tempo. It's all up to you.

One thing thought.. Here are some  ideas for building your own  home recording studio!

Of course...

There are many ways to get your own home studio, here I'll give you some idea that you can follow (or not). From the all-in-one do it yourself construction to the professional recording studio ( for the right price) wherever you wish.

Tip to get more info on building a 'Home recording studio'. Watch and learn from Youtube videos.. You' learn a lot about studios and building recording studios..The more ideas you have the better..

If you've build your studio, then you need some music recording equipment too..

Digital recording studio, microphones...

Compact music recording studio you have an: excellent piece of music recording equipment for a fair price. A word about what Compact music recording consoles...Boss,

Compact music mixers : Tascam and Fostex

Microphones for studio use...

If you want to record at home..into your own studio, or just any other good insulated room or space were you can record your songs undisturbed . You certainly need some equipment,a quality studio microphone..

Music recording lessons

If you have build your studio, and purchase some great recording stuff, then you also need to learn working with all these equipment.. How to record and master your own songs.. Perhaps you need some music recording tutorials and  music recording lessons

Sound cards and home recording software!

Todays recording goes perfect with a home PC..or a laptop...So it's easier...then ever...and the quality of recording is also exellent...

What you need on your PC or laptop is good quality music sound-card. this  instrument take you a on the track to success in songwriting.. Sound cards are in fact simple, and every pc  has  an inbuilt or you buy an external.. However,  high quality sound cards are not always cheap.

With a high quality sound card and the right recording studio software... , you can create such an amazing sounding recording that people who hear the result are just blown away.

In fact, it's the same amazing music recording equipment that most of the professional recording studios are also using .

Times are changing...Nowadays,with a PC and some quality everybody has the possibility to make professional demo recording at his own trusted home.

Improving your home recording tips....

First and most important tip...

Be sure you'll make a back-up of all your tunes and lyrics on a CD's. Just in case something goes wrong with your computer. Believe me guy's, I know what I'm talking about. Disasters do happen now and than.. When your songs got lost because of this error, this can be a real nightmare..If you have the melody, then you can start working on lyrics that fit with the melody.

Start small.. Don't spend too much money in when you're a beginner songwriter.. If you really wish to make a brilliant recording, one that make a great impression on the music industry folks.. Then try to find a recording studio in that reach your budget..

Left me only to wish you a good luck with your music recording, and your future career as a songwriter, or music artist..

Dear music friend...

Thanks for your visit. Feel free to re-visit our website,to follow our site's updates..

Wish you a lot of fun with your recording...

The Webmaster!

Paul F.

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