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Hello and welcome to our 'gospel record label' page. Here you'll find a listing with record labels that are  Gospel and therefore also Christian music...

Many of these labels don't accepting demo submissions at the moment. In fact, some are overwhelmed with demo submissions, yet some gospel labels are looking for new artists to sign.

If you want to find out if they accepting demos, then visit the gospel record label . You'll find all the necessary info on the "contact us" page..

The Labels that are currently accepting demo submissions we have put together on a page.. Just turn back to the record label page were you'll find the link to the "labels accepting demos " page.

Also, if you ain't looking for a record deal, but are more interested in music. Than this is also the right place .

Some of record labels have many new Cd's and artists to promote. So you can listen to new songs and music samples on their sites.

The newest form of promoting a recordlabel is through social media.  You know, facebook,snapshot, twitter...The first one is the most common used. But, keep in mind that every person can start an accound. Trustworthy persons and less trustworthy. Yep. I would suggest that a  good foundation for a record label is a real website. Thats it. You can promote your site through a social media, but the foundation must be a real website..

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Gospel Record Label : Here's the list...

Alexis Music Recordings Independent record label independent artist-managed record label managing recording projects from start to finish, country, Gospel, and pop music. ...


Bloodshot Records:

The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir - www.bloodshotrecords

Arhoolie Records

Banjo tunes, fiddle tunes, gospel songs, old ballads, and new songs


Sound Doctrine Gospel Music-

Record Label: Emtro Gospel. Gary Mayes & Nu Era- Diary Of A Strong Souljah Salvation ...


Blue Suit Productions,

Genres: Folk-Rock, Blues, and Gospel


BML Records: Russian Artists, Contemporary Christian Music.


Castle Records 10

Gospel record label Based in Nashville ,

accepting demo submissions. Read demo policy first.


CEI Gospel Records

An independent gospel record label dedicated to bringing the glory back to gospel with powerful praised-filled music by traditional/contemporary www.ceigospelrecords.com

cleveland unlimited records

Cleveland, Ohio based record label, but with a national reach, is committed to developing fresh new talent,


Dialtone Records

Genres: Blues, Gospel, Jazz & more.

Dialtone Records is based in Austin, TX


Dream Records

Gospel music artists label record label


Don-T Records Music Group:

Urban Gospel Music's Independent Record .


Ecko Records The Eternal Light Singers have been nominated at the Gospel Music Workshop of America's national conclave for the coveted "Excellence Awards" for Quartet ... www.eckorecords.com

Fly Away Records,

Hip-Hop and Urban Christian rap record label.including mainstreme & underground holy hip-hop music. Providing a gateway into the hip-hop culture like you've never known!


Gods Child Records is an artist driven Gospel Music recording label whose primary focus is producing radio ready material ... www.godschildrecords.com/

Gospel Express Records.

Based in Memphis,TN.


Madison Avenue Records


Nigeria Gospel record label..

Gospel label.


Micah Records

Multi-genre music label from Toronto.Canada. Genres : Christian, Jazz, Reggae and gospel record label.


Myriad Records

Darrell & Latonja Blair

The best in Gospel music.


Nasha Records

UK Christian and Gospel record label


Ninety and Nine Records:

New York based Accepting demo submissions ( read demo policy and ask for permission to up-load songs


Orleans Records

Orleans Records is based in New Orleans, Louisiana USA.

Genres: Blues, Gospel, Jazz, R&B, Soul and Folk.


Pearl Street Records

Based in Myrtille Beach, SC, USA


PK Records

UK, London based record label


platinum sounds records

Dallas/Fortworth area record label


Prophetic Entertainment Records

www.pe-records.com/ -

Quinn Records TM -

Genres : blues,gospel,jazz and soul ... Based in St.Louis, Missouri. USA


Reaching Records

Independent Chritian record company


Revelation Records


Rosewood Spirit

Canadian based independent label


Song Garden Records

Garden Music Group, based in Nashville. U.S. Tennessee.


Sparrow Records.

Billboard Magazine’s 'top contemporary Christian label',


Trendency Recordsredirecting...


member of Chrematizo Label Group, is a new label on the Gospel ...

Tyscot Records, the nation's oldest Afro -American owned  gospel-recording ...


Untold Records

Maurice Deshawn Goodwin is a son, a father, a friend, and a part of Untold.


Vanguard Records


Verity Records

New York. U.S. State: New York. Country: United States. Description:. Genres: Christian, Gospel, Hip Hop, Percussion, R&B ...


Waterbrooke Music is a Christian record label dedicated to produce Christian and gospelmusic...


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