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Welcome everybody on the "Free Christian Music Video" promotion corner, where bands-artists will be featured, while they are performing or just when they have created a good quality video.

Featured Artists : Dave Weber & Gary Mc Carren,LaDontae, Jamie Gilmore

The purpose of this promotion corner is to give Christian bands and artists, a push in the back and at the same time a bit of exposer.

To the visitors, and to everyone who loves Christian and Gospel music,I advice to sit back , relax,and enjoy..

Keep your eyes on this page for there will be more videos add in the near futere.(about 5 videos on every page)

Christian singer-songwriter Sara N

About Sara N Sara N is mainly a singer/songwriter, but is also writing jingles,instrumental and film music. She comes from Ipoh,Malaysia. She started learning the organ at the age of 4. You find more about Sara on her site's. Sara N with her own written song "Christ Above All"

Angela Carl & Kerry Buck

Angela Carl & Kerry Buck with "In All His Glory"

Singer-songwriter Dave Weber & Mc Carren

Dave Weber performing "The Lord Walks By My Side" written by him and Stephanie Marshall. Gary McCarren accompanies Dave on guitar and vocals.

La Dontae ,Gospel Singer

La Dontae ,Gospel Singer from the United States.

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