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Welcome to the 'Folk record labels' page Part one: Labels listed here are from...M to Z

Most of these rap and Folk,acoustic.. labels don't accepting demo submissions at the moment. The labels that are accepting submissions, you'll find here.

Record labels come and go, and t some times they are over night,

But the good news is that others grow...were some of the old falling down..(Yes, it's a hard fierce business..)

So, see for yourself if that "Folk label" can be useful for you and your career. When you visit one of the "Folk record labels" and you want to find out if they accepting demos, then go to the contact info page. There you will find all the stuff necessary

Folk Record Labels Here's the list..

Here we'll start with  Folk record labels part two..starting with M...

Moon Caravan Records

started in Raleigh, NC by Lee Kirby and Joyce Bowden in honor of late cellist songwriter Arthur Russell. Kicking off in 2003, our aim is to support authentic sounds and real songwriters.

genres:Punk, acoustic, Folk

MoonHouse Records

Austin, Texas

genres: Country and Folk record company

Mpress Records

New York, US based label best emerging artists in the indie music scene. Mpress

Mrs Casey Records

UK folk record labels

genres: Acoustic,Roots, and Folk

MWM Records

MWM is a record label based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, in the North East of England. The label is owned by Mawson & Wareham (Music) Ltd.

New Pants Publishing Inc.

Colorado Springs,Colorado, US

genres: Rock,Pop,Country/pop, Blues, Country/Folk

New Weave Records.

Portland. U.S. State:, Oregon. United States.


New World Records

NewYork, NC

Night Heron Music

Hillsborough, NH, US

genres: Acoustic, Folk and Roots record label

North West Folk Life

comprehensive multi-cultural arts organization dedicated to serving the ethnic, traditional, and folk arts communities of the Northwest US.

More folk record labels...

Off The Records

based in oslo, norway

genres: jazz,folk

Old Black Dog Records!

Based in Lincolnshire UK ,specialises in folk and acoustic.

Olive Music

Based in Belogna, It, Folk record label

One Man Clapping Records

Features artists in traditional folk, country, blues and bluegrass music

Oneness Records

Folk record label

Opus3 Records

country: Sweden

genres: Jazz, Blues and folk

Park Records

Record Label specialising in Folk Rock, AOR and Classical Pop

Patio Records

United States

Folk label

Pillar Box Records

UK based record label

Non-profit label promoting fine song-writing talent with an indie flavour Genres: Acoustic, Alt.Country, Indie, Rock and Folk

Planting Seeds Records

Based in Virginia Beach, 

Genres, All genres, also, Folk record company

Pomegranate Music

Based in Boston, MA , USA

Genres are: Classical, World, Folk and Folk/Rock music

PopMate Music

Based in Stockholm, Sweden

Genres: Folk and Rock

Proper Records

London, UK based record label.

Genres: World, Pop/Rock, Gospel, Folk, Jazz, Country, Blues..

PSB Records

Independent record label based in Solana Beach, CA,

Showcasing Southen California's leading singer/songwriters in genres folk, Americana, rock,...

Pure Records

Independent label Based in Sheffield, UK

Folk record company

Quagga Music and Publishing

Online home of PB Ploy

Folk/Rock singer-songwriter

Ranch Recordings

Independent Folk and Alternative-Country label based in Santa Barbara, California, USA.

Recovery Recordings

Based in Houston, Texas

Reveal Records

Based in Derby, UK

Genres : Pop, Rock, Folk record company

Quinlan Road

The official site for Loreena McKennitt and her private record label,

Ontario, Canada

Relentless Pursuit Records

Based in Ojai,Ca

Richter Records

Orlando, Florida,USA

Record label owner Davey Rocker

Custom Search

Rising Son Records

Based in Washington, US

genres: Bluegrass, and Folk record label

Robber Baron Music

Digital online record label

Ross Records

Scottish Folk, Irish Folk, Country and Easy Listening Music

RUF Records

Germany based label

Genres: Folk and blues


Based Canada



Genres: Acoustic, Americana, Folk

Schedule Two Records

Second Avenue Records

Canadian Independent label

Silk City Records

West Paterson, NJ

Presenting Blues, Jazz, and Folk record company Recordings by independent artists

Stargazer Records

Brand new World Music label based in Enniskillen, Northern Ireland. Irish and West African, especially Senegalese music.

Sugar Hill Records

Features the latest bluegrass, Americana, and folk artists.

Talking Elephant Records

Kent,UK based record label

Terra Nova Music

A folk record company promoting Celtic,and Traditional music.

Where Roots get Rhythm,

True North Records

Canada's oldest independent record label

Vagabond Records.

Nashville. Tennessee. United States.

Multi-Genre based record label located


Official website for ALLIE FOX

Scottish singer-songwriter and acoustic guitarist.

Wild Boar Music

Belgium based folk record company, including bands like Shantalla, Kadril, Lais, and Ambrozijn. Information for demo's, and on distribution and ordering.

Wildgoose Records Is an independent Folk record company. Folk music of England, founded by Doug Bailey.

WindSong Records

Byron Bay Australia Romaniacs

Woodworm Records

Folk record company

Yoyo Recordings

Olympia, Washington indie. Artists include the Mountain Goats, Live Musical, and Mirah.

Young God Records

Brooklyn. New York

Official young god records site featuring swans, angels of light, devendra banhart, calla, ulan bator, david coulter, windsor for the derby

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