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Welcome to the "film soundtrack record labels" page, where you find a selection of some established and/or new record labels.

This is a list of labels that has to do some thing with soundtracks. Off course,some are into multiple genres of music and others are soundtracks or film music record labels. Anyway, if you are into soundtracks or film music , then you've coming to the right place. To find a record deal or just listen to music!

The labels that accepting demo submissions , we'll link up. You will find all the submission info on their site, by clicking "contact" button.

The contact info is available only if they asking for new material or acts.

This page will grow with time , so visit regular to see the up-dates. If it's one kind of music that could bring you fame world wide, then it's film music..

Good-luck and success with your search and... with your music.

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Go to "Band press kit" page Also, if you ain't looking for a record deal, but are more interested in music. Than the "film soundtrack record labels" are the right place to start . The labels have many new Cd's and artists that they promote and you can listen to song and music samples on their sites.

John Kaefer is one of the lucky guy's that can say that he is making his hobby into a job.. He's a music composer for t.v. and films

Film soundtrack record labels listing!

 Film soundtrack record labels...starting with...

9pm records Europe's homebase for visionary leftfield pop music

Production Services,

Based in Winnipeg Canada Full Service Production

ABKCO Music and Records a record label, music publisher, and a film and video producer..With Headquarters in New York

Avatar Records is an independent Los Angeles based record label

Badman Recording Co.

JEMEZ MOUNTAIN is the first offspring of the Badman Recording Co. family.

Border Blue Records is an independent record label specializing in dance and pop .

... composers and producers to independent music labels and major recording labels for record deals, music licensing deals, film music deals, TV music deals ...

Colosseum Records

Elegua RecordsLabel specializing in hypnotic and ambient music, soundtracks, percussion, electronics, and field recordings.

Everyday Records Ltd

Firetrunk Records

Minneapolis, Minnesota an independent music label run by the musicians themselves

Harkit Records

Specializes in Jazz and film music..

La La Land Records

brings you the best in Movie Soundtracks with composers and performers like Elmer Bernstein, Jerry Goldsmith, Miklos Rozsa, ...

Music Box Records

Independent French record label dedicated to soundtracks and film music..

Independent French label dedicated to soundtracks and film music.

Mellowdrama Records is an independent UK record label & media production company specializing in film music run by enthusiasts, passionate about what they

science-fiction, fantasy, and horror films of the past in a manner that's as faithful as possible to the original movie studio versions.

Rastascan Records Creative and Improvised Music. A label devoted to the kind of improvised music

recording for Skybucket Records. The collection includes the cream of a twenty-plus song

Tobymusic Productions

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