Electronic Press Kit!

Hi and welcome..to 'The electronic press kit' page.. It's the todays modern way o promoting your song demo, and this promotion  goes quickly and easy by e-mail marketing.  A&R people can watch your web site,web page...as they like. The biggest  advantage for these people: No more CD-crushing.

The biggest advantage for you, the songwriter, musician..
You don't waste your time with endless burning of cds, and writing your letters , printing them putting them in a box with the idea that you never see or hear of them again.
Done with wasting time and money  on sending demo packages with the mail  to record labels,and  music publishers..although, there are still a lot music industry people who wish to receive a package on the old  conventional way.., the use of EPK wins rapidly on importance.

Because not every record label are accepting Electronic submissions, so try to find out wish labels are accepting Electronic submissions.

Sending an E.P.K. with an E-mail is easy, and cost you nothing. Just right an outstanding introduction e-mail and include the right URL of your EPK. Easy and fast.

Most of the work lays in..

The making of quality looking videos. Also, the making of a web site, designing your myspace or Youtube that looks very creative and attractive.

Online demo submissions and demo promotion

No doubt, it will become more and more important to the future and  will in the future probably overtake  the demo submissions and the mail package .

Why it shouldn't be like this? After all, there are a lot of advantages and it's an easy and fast way of doing your music promotion. Isn't it?

Today,most of the Electronic press kits are existing as Myspace or Youtube pages. But in fact, you can also create your own web site to promote your music.This doesn't always mean that your website has to be loaded with videos. A video can help, but is not necessarily needed. Audio samples of your songs will do, and they take less space.

Shark publishers!

Be aware for the music shark. He will eat you and your money..

Some things you have to keep in mind!

When you make a video...

Use a quality camera to make a video . Snot video of bad and low quality could harm your credibility by the music business executives.

Don't make the videos too long, Max 10 minutes

  If you're not that great in making videos, then hire some  people to do the filming and deliver a professional product.

Include the same info as you would do with the normal press package.

To end with...

Wish you all the best with your future music promotion, and wish you a lot of success with creating a super Electronic press kit.

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Paul F Webmaster

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