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Hi and welcome to our 'Drum and Bass record labels' page

Drum and bass start in the UK as a sort of new dance music and an offshoot of Hardcore and breakbeat .. Drum and bass is also known as 'Jungle'..
Hello and welcome to our "Dance record labels" page. Here you'll find a listing of some established and/or new  dance  labels From 000 To K.

Every label that has to do some thing with dance, House/Techno music, is listed, or better said a selection is been made. Some record labels are into multiple genres and others are pure dance labels.

 Anyway, if 'Drum and  Bass' is 'your' music , then you've come to the right place. To find a deal or just looking or searching for dance music acts!
Some  of these record labels are accepting demo submissions, check out demo policy first.

So, if you ain't looking for a record deal, but you're more interested in your favorite music. Than this is  the right place for you too.

These labels have many new Cd's and new artists to promote and you can listen to song and music samples on their websites.

Drum and Bass record labels Here's the list...

Critical Music Record Label, London UK

d electronic dance music labels in the UK. ... themselves to be two of the shining lights of the new generation of drum & bass artists.


Dogs On Acid The world's largest dance music forum: Drum and ...
The world's largest drum and bass
jungle message board with news

Eastside Records
Eastside Online urban music, news and culture website. Music and lifestyle features, reviews, audio and video.

Hospital Records is an independent record label based in South London. Primarily releasing Drum and bass, the label was started in 1996 by Tony Colman


LuvDisaster Records
Flavored Drum and Bass Music Record Label

Drum and Bass Music Record Label with Worldwide Distribution on major digital stores like Beatport,

Prohibited Records

OK dance and Drum and bass record label

RAM Records 

UK independent Drum & bass record label, Andy C, Chase & Status, Culture Shock, Dc Breaks, Hamilton, Loadstar, Sub Focus, Wilkinson

Red Eye Records
 Dance Music Specialists Since 1992
Program – Ram Records's new sub-label that's set it's sights on supporting up and coming artists at the “forefront” of drum and bass – has already provided one ...

Scenario records

Italy record label Drum bass

Shogun Audio,

UK Independent Drum Bass record label ...Shogun Audio, the UK Independent record label

Slow Motion Records
 Slow Motion Records is a platform for electronic Italian disco form the home of Italo. Producers include Clap Rules, Motorcycle Boy, Fratelli ..

URBANTAKEOVER.CO.UK  Aphrodite recordings / Urban Takeover ...

Aphrodite Recordings and Urban Takeover Jungle and drum & Bass featuring Mickey Finn, Aphrodite...

Vinyl Related Records 

  •   Drum and Bass record labels...
    Vinyl Related Records is an independent record label (based in the UK) who specialize in . online Dance music mp3 stores around. ...

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