Dance record labels. Part 1

Hello and welcome to our "Dance record labels" page. Here you'll find a listing of some established and/or new dance labels From 000 To K.

Every label that has to do some thing with dance, House/Techno music, is listed, or better said a selection is been made. Some record labels are into multiple genres and others are pure dance labels.

Anyway, if 'Dance Music' is 'your' music , then you've come to the right place. To find a deal or just looking or searching for dance music acts! Some of these record labels are accepting demo submissions.

So, music friend, if you ain't looking for a record deal, but are more interested in music. Than this is the right place for you too.

These labels have many new Cd's and new artists to promote and you can listen to song and music samples on their websites.

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Dance record labels...Here's the list!


Dance music record label 5000 beats

The Honolulu Playboys are 5000 records latest signing, their album 'Between Drinks'.....

3H Records

City: Brüggen

Country: Germany Genres: Dance, Euro Dance, Trance

Acuna Digital

Acuna Digital , Digital Distibutor and UK leading independant dance music label, huge catalogue of tracks, Productions Loops, Midi and Sound Samples for the ...

Adjust Recordings is a UK based record label focusing on quality drum driven house music. Here you can learn about the ethos behind the label and pick-up details on new signings, releases, gigs and all things Adjust Recordings.

aardvark records City: Penryn Country: England

Americana, Male Vocal, Rock, Techno, Trance, and Dance record label

Accidental Music City: London Country: England Description: UK dance label of musician / producer Morgan King. Genres: Ambient, Hard House, House, Techno,and Dance record label

Ace of Discs City: London Country: England Description: Purveyors of fine psychedelic grooves, club nights and occasional ceremonies. Genres:, Electronica, Krautrock, Pagan, Psychedelic, Punk and Dance record label

Adjust Recordings

UK based house music label Genres: Dance, Progressive, Tech-House, Techno, Tribal


Dance Tonight, Revolution Tomorrow

Airbase Recordings City: Holzwickede Country: Germany

Genres:, House, Tech-House, Techno and Dance record label


Alex Tronic Records specialise in quality Electronica,Breakbeat, Dance

Amathus Music City: Hewlett U.S. State: New York Country: United States

Genres: Breaks, Dance, House, Pop, Trance

Beat Geek Records

Located in Melbourne Australia and Bangkok Thailand

AVA Recordings City: Stoke On Trent Country: England

Genres: Dance, Trance

Blue Disco Records City: Denver U.S. State: Colorado Country: United States Description: New music label for electronic dance artist James Roy

Genres: Dance, Electronica, Euro Dance, Male Vocal, Trance

Blue Orange Records

City: San Francisco U.S. State: California

Genres: Ambient, College, Dance, Electronica, Indie, Keyboard, Lounge, Multicultural, New Wave, Nostalgia, Pop, Synthetic, Synthpop, Weird & Unusual

Border Blue Records City: Champaign U.S. State: Illinois Country: United States Description: Border Blue Records is an independent record label specializing in dance and pop

Born To Dance Records City: Brighton Born To Dance is a multi-faceted company based in Brighton, UK.

Genres: Dance, House

Bounce Records City: Auckland Country: New Zealand

Genres: Breaks, Dance, Drum & Bass, Female Vocal, Garage, Hip Hop, House, Male Vocal, R&B, Rap, Urban

BUMP! Recordings City: Mülheim/Ruhr Country: Germany

Genres: Chill, Dance, Deep House, Disco, Electro, Euro Dance, Hard Trance, House, Progressive, Tech-House, Techno, Trance, Tribal

Chome Records City: Liverpool Country: England Dance record label specialising in showcasing local talent. But also has artists involved from around the world.

Genres: Breakbeat, Breaks, Dance, House, Trip Hop

Combination Records City: Dusseldorf Country: Germany

Genres: Breakbeat, Dance, Drum & Bass, Electronica, Freestyle

Compost Records JCR City: Munich Country: Germany

Genres: Dance, Freestyle, Funk, Jazz, World Fusion

Confidential Recordz City: Austin U.S. State: Texas Country: United States Description: Dance record label Genres: Dance, Hip Hop, Pop, Rhythm & Blues, Trance

Cuepoint Records

Country: Germany

Genres: Dance, Hard House, Hard Trance, Techno, Trance

Deepfunk Records City: Venice U.S. State: California Country: United States style of music: urban groove and downbeat tracks to upbeat, funky peak-time gems. Genres: Dance, Downbeat, Downtempo, House, Urban

Deeplife Records

Deeplife Records is a long standing record label who has served to produce and promote Christian Dance Music recording artists. Everyday, all over the world, ...

Dos Or Die Records

City: Hamburg Country: Germany Description: Genres: Dance

Ego Music City: Milano Country: Italy

Genres: Dance, Electronic, Electronica, Euro Dance, Hard House, House, Latin, Pop, Tech-House, Techno, Trance

Fever Records City: Yonkers U.S. State: New York Country: United States Description: Genres: Dance, Freestyle, Hip Hop, House, Pop

Ghetto Records City: London Country: England Description: indie label, specialising in up coming artist. Genres: Dance, Hip Hop, Pop, R&B, Ragga

Highball Music GmbH City: Hamburg Country: Germany

Genres: Ambient, Chill, Dance, Downtempo, Electronic, Hard House, Pop, Progressive, Psychedelic, Techno, Trance, World, World Groove, World Beat

HILO Records

City: Woodmere U.S. State: New York Genres: Ambient, Dance, House, Progressive, Tribal

Housewife Records

City: Amsterdam Country: Netherlands

Genres: Dance, Disco, Electro, House, Minimalist

Intervall-audio is an electronic music label and artist platform that brings you cutting-edge German and Japanese electronic music, featuring artist biographies with preview MP3s, CD and free downloadable MP3 netlabel releases

Kamikaze Records

City: South San Francisco U.S. State: California Country: United States

Genres: Dance, Hip Hop, Pop, R&B, Rock, Soul


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