Country Music Record Labels!

Welcome to our "Country music record labels" page part one. Here you'll find a listing of established and/or new country record companies

As you will notice, a lot of these labels are based in Nashville Tennessee.

Nashville is (and this for the time being)still the Center of "Country and Western" music. Isn't it so?

Anyway, if country music is your music , then you've coming to the right place. To find a record deal or just looking for music!

Than this is also the right place . These labels have many new Cd's and new artists to promote and of course, where you can listen to new music samples.

Sending your submissions... What to include in your package?

Country Music Record Labels: Here's the list.

Starting with...

  • Aaron Avenue Records

If you have Country songs and you wish to be included in an Compi CD This is your chance.

  • AGR Television Records

  • Amherst Records

  • API Records

  • Axbar Records

San Antonio Texas Country music label

  • Bandit records

Nashville, USA

Bear Family Record One of the world's most renowned multiple country

  • Blizzard Records

U K Based label all geres

  • Bloodshot Records

Chicago based Country record label

  • Brambus Records

Switzerland based record label

genres country and Blues

  • Clubhouse Records

UK independent label  specialising in Country,Folk,Americana,..

The label was founded in 2010 by a group of musicians ...

  • CMH Records

  • Colt Records

Official record label website of country music entertainer, singer and songwriter JK Coltrain, Michael Twitty, Dean Holmen, Annette Neumann, ...

  • Comstock Records LTD

Country Discovery Records

St Jasper Tn

  • Crossfire Records 

label based in Arizona

Ricky Lee Phelps record Signs of the Times,Signs of the Times music for today.

  • D Records


  • Dee2 Records

  • Dirtysouth Records


  • Daemon Records

Daemon Records presents honkytonk, mountain music, and traditional country

  • Dualtone Music Group

  • Freedom Tracks Music

Nashville,Tenn.. Country,Rock,Folk

Music Production Company,music publishing,independent record label,artist management, demo production, song plugging, country music, rock, folk rock, ...

  • Guardian Records

An independent record label located in Suffolk County, Long Island New York,

  • Lure Records

LOCATION OF INCIDENT the legendary brothers

  • Montana Knites Records

  • MoonHouse Records is an artist-owned indie label in Austin, Texas dedicated to bringing true music to discerning listeners. Expanding slowly since 2000 we ...

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