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Portable recording equipment are by far the best solutions for songwriters for recording and mixing their songs and music. They give an excellent result and thats all you need. One thing thought. You have to do some learning before you start working with these tech tools , but I'm sure this will be more pleasure than work, I supose. That's all folks. Up to the tools...

We'll start with the..

The portable recording studio gives a nearly perfect professional recording.

So,..on this page we'll discuss two brands of compact music mixer consoles. Starting with Fostex and Tascam. What we'll not do is comparing them or make a review about these equipment . We'll just give you the right facts about each recording console.

Of-course there are a lot of more brands that offers compact music mixer and recording, but for now it's only Fostex and Tascam.

We'll start with the...Fostex MR 8, Fostex MR 16..Then Tascam DP02 and the 2488MK 24 track.

Fostex MR-8 Mk II

The new MR-8 Mk II is the easiest to use digital multitrack ever. If you can operate a tape recorder, you'll be recording and multitracking within minutes of opening the box.

By putting all the major controls and functions right there on the top panel instead of buried in a confusing menu system, the MR-8 Mk II, unlike some other recorders, actually aids you in capturing your musical ideas.

Improved 132 x 64 dot-matrix LCD and self illuminating keys visually show the current status.

Improved built-in digital effects including Reverb, Delay as well as Guitar Amp and Microphone simulation.

Features Eight tracks of recording and playback using C Flash cards

Two track simultaneous recording

Superb in-built digital effects inc Mic and Amp simulations

USB Host function for CD burning with 'off-the-shelf' CD burner

2 mic inputs with 48 Phantom Power


High quality sound recording and playback with uncompressed linear 16-bit/44.1 kHz digital audio (normal mode) with 2 track simultaneous recording and 8 track playback.

LP Mode (16-bit/22.05 kHz) doubles the recording time.

Physical knobs and buttons for intuitive operations. A new dial knob for menu selection.

USB Host function ready for CD burning on an off-the-shelf external CD-R drive.

Compact music mixer:Fostex MR16HD

The compact music mixer and music recorder, Fostex's MR16HD are 33 stellar EQ presets available to each input and 2 AUX sends for connecting to external gear.

Add to this the convenience of WAV file recording, digital effects, mastering effects, analog guitar distortion and mic simulation and you’ve got just about the slickest, highest quality and downright easiest to use 16 track available on the market.

Sixteen recording tracks to hard drive 16-bit resolution at 44.1

Four track simultaneous recording -- great for capturing multiple instruments/vocal parts

Four XLR inputs With phantom power and trim control

Extended recording time -- more than 7.5 hours of 16-track recording at CD quality

Full sixteen track bouncing Mix-down stereo..

FAT32 Disc Format and WAV Recording Plus USB port for easy transfer of recordings to PC

2 x AUX For connection to outboard gear

S/P DIF Digital Out For digital mastering to external CD recorder, MD etc.

Input EQ Library 33 sound shaping presets available for all inputs

F Built-In Digital FX Reverbs, guitar amp simulations etc. (see MR-8HD)

Analog Guitar Distortion Awesome distortion (see MR-8HD)

Direct CD-RW Connection via USB Master direct to USB CD-RW (no PC required)

MR16HD/CD model Features as above with in-built CD-RW

WavManager (Windows) ver 2.01 WAV Manager is a utility software application that enables you to import each audio track from a song created using the MR-8, MR-8mk2, MR-8HD, and MR16HD (hereinafter called MR-8/HD)

Price For this baby : around $ 1500.

Tascam DP02CF

Tascam's DP02CF compact music mixer and music recorder, combines 8-track CD-quality recording with a Portastudio interface designed for musicians who want to record quickly and have fun. A matched pair of Tascam mic pres features XLR inputs with phantom power for condenser mics and a guitar in for direct recording.

Each channel gives you dedicated controls for instant access to fader level, record arm/track mute, pan, effect send, high and low EQ. There's also an EQ frequency button for finer control over the mix.

This compact music mixer Features

Two XLR mic/line inputs with phantom power for condenser microphones

Eight-track recording at uncompressed 44.1k/16-bit audio quality

Portastudio-based interface with volume fader, pan, effect send, high and low EQ controls per channel

EQ frequency button to access high and low EQ shelf frequencies

USB 2.0 interface for transferring tracks, mixes and backup files to a computer

Dedicated stereo master track for mixdown

Internal metronome and bar/beat display for song position

Headphone output

Stereo line outputs on RCA analog and S/PDIF optical digital connectors

1GB Compact Flash card included with enough room for a dozen songs or more

Tascam 2488mk II music mixer and recorder.

The 2488mkII is the follow-up to the best-selling, simple-to-use 24-track recording and ideal compact music mixer for home studios. Like its predecessor, 8 inputs can be simultaneously recorded into the XLR and 1/4 in. inputs enough for a whole band. 19 physical faders control mono and stereo channels without scrolling through pages for quick and easy mixing.

Each channel has 3-band EQ with a parametric mid-band and access to three built-in effects processors, including reverb and multi-effects.

After the final mix is recorded to the dedicated stereo master recorder, the built-in CD-RW drive can burn a CD master in addition to backing up the hard drive and importing and exporting WAV files.

New features from the 2488 include a larger hard drive, an all-new LCD display, new guitar effects and improved CD mastering capabilities.

Price around $2000..

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