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Welcome to our 'Commercial music' page. This page content will go about your songs and music that could be acceptable by the music business people. Music that you here on radio and T.V.. Music with finacially potential! Music that will allow them to continue to doing business, and allow you to get a stream of income out of music royalties..

If you want to be a succesful writer, then you need to think the same way the music industry people think..:They think "is there money in the song?".

Will my song make money?

Always  hard to tell. I think that most wish to become succesful, and success means moey.. You need to know what the music business wants to hear..If you listen to the chart music you come pretty close to what the A&R Exec. are looking for. If you make a product that comes close to what you will hear there, then you're on the right track.

No matter how good you think that your song is or how commercial you think your song is, A&R people and the music publisher  will have the last word on that issue. On the end they decide if They  want to invest in your music. If they  hear the "business" in your song , then they keep their job safe. They don't care that you will earn money.. If you earn money, they will for sure get an income..

Tips on how to make commercial music and songs..

  •  One, Keep the length of your song under four minutes. Of course there are exceptions like world, jazz or some hip hop songs.
  • Two, the song has to have a strong hook, memorable chorus and important, that they can remember the title of the song.(especially when they want to request your song on radio and so...)
  •  Three,Don't put too many words into the song. I know that's quiet difficult for creative people like we all are but try too be creative with less words. Some words will stay in peoples mind...They will remember them..Repeat some of your  words...Simple trick, but it works...

Yes it's hard to be a creative on one hand and commercial on an other.


  • Make sure that the songs, that you will include on your demo, sounds commercial. Learn about the music business. The music industry people( A & R , publishers) have to make a choice . Commercial music and keep on doing their job, or having no job at all. They will only assess the hit potential of your song.
  • There's no doubt about that. Make that some of the labels and publishers know you and respect you. That will point your career in the right direction. # Four, Repetition of the "Song's theme word, or the song title. That makes that people remember a song more easily is an excellent way to push the commercial music potential of your songs up. Try to repeat the strongest words in your songs. And try to keep the number of the same words under 30.
  •  The theme of your song can go about everything. But when you write about what's close to your heart, then the words will come more easily.
  • Beginners have to proof themselves. Write about what you know and comes from your heart.If you sent submissions, then learn to live with rejections..Songwriters need to learn that not every publisher, or label will believe in your music.. That's life..
  • Always ry to be as professional as possible.

Don't give up.. Keep on writing.. Write a lot.. As much as you can..

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