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If there's anything that really works in writing music,or lyrics, then it's writing lyrics and music that comes straight from the heart..If you're a Christian then making Christian songs, or lyrics, or composing tunes, is probably an obvious choice..

I'm telling you this because I know exactly what it is to be a Christian songwriter..Not that I write only Christian inspired songs, but my music is probably influenced by the fact that I'm a Christian.. No doubt..

Turn it the way you want, if you are a Christian, then your music will be affected by the way you're living..
Another argument to start as Christian songwriter is the fact that popularity of Christian music is going up..rapidly..

Especially in the US , more and more young people make a choice as a Christian and want to listen to Christian inspired   music, because a "Christian" is what they are.

Christian music is hot...certainly in the United States..and I suppose that the popularity of christian music is going up...
When  we talk about  Christian music, we talk  about Gospel, and  Church music, Choir music,..

Christian: Your style of music!

So, whatever your taste of music would be, you could write in your Christian style of your music.
So, whatever your style of music you can start Christian songwriting in your style of music. Sure, there will be a public for your genre of Christian music.

A Christian songwriter can write songs from what's close to his heart, and from what he stands for..Simple but true.. That's something that never fails..

Christian Songwriting and Music Publishers..

For Christian songwriters, let's say the "pure" songwriters, non performing, who wish to get a publishing deal ( and a singer to sing their music) they can send their submissions to Christian music publishers.. searching for Christian music and (Christian) original songs to promote and publish....

Christian Music Producers..

As a Christian music artist or performing songwriter, you probably wish to improve your recordings to a Master quality level. That's when  you need a little help of a production manager or smply a producer.. Find here a list with Christian music producers..

Christian Record Labels

There are a lot of music industry companies specialized in Christian music..

So, we've made a list with Christian labels and put them on these pages...

Christian record labels part 1

and  Christian labels part two..

Then there's also a page with Gospel record labels....

Music video promotion!

Something I wish emphasize again and again is the importance of promoting through videos.. Most of these videos are Youtube video, because Youtube vids are very easy to  embed in websites and on every othe  social media.
Many music artist have found fame (and fortune) th a anks to the video performing on youtube.. Never say.. This can't work for me. If you get noticed by the public, shared by many, then you have an other advantage fro your music video. You get adertisement and  the more viewers your vid has the more payment you receive. That's just nice because making a quality promotion demo can get expensive.

Christian music artists with a video performing..

So, we thought of putting a list together with artists that sing their own created songs..and add them on our website...
Even when your vocal abilities are not perfect, or far from perfect, you could give the visitors a good idea of what your songs are all about..

We have a total of four pages with Christian songwriting artists, and that we love to give "FREE" promotion....

Christian music artists part one

Christian Music artists part two

Christian songwriter resources

From Hip hop to Rock ..As a Christian you need some guidelines for your writing..Here some

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Social media can be a great promotion for your career as a music artist..Although, one tip: Be careful , not every one is nice or trustworthy..

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