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Here you'll find a selection with more producers  besides the one from  "Canadian" cities that are already listed.  If you are living in Canada, and looking for a music producer that could help you, then this page will be right for you. On this page a selection with music producing companies active in the Canadian music business. If you wish to make it here..Maybe you wish to take a trip to another country. Then Canada could be that country to record and produce your music. Before jumping on the wagon, allways to make sure that there are no pitfalls, or worse. 

  Canadian Music producers :   Here's the list !

Toronto music producer

Tim Minthorn drops by the studio to ... Reck Em Records is a new label based out of Markham by some young talented guys. 

Morph Production

Toronto based recording studio. Specializing in production, writing and voice overs.

Award winning mixer, Reuben Ghose, Reuben Ghose Music producer Canada

David Essig Canadian Musician, Songwriter and Music Producer David Essig is one of Canada's most famous singer songwriters and folk musicians.

 Brigitte Music is a Canadian singer, songwriter, keyboardist, and talented producer.

Stu Goldberg Studios

Studio Goldberg is an American citizen but landed and work as a producer in Canada..

Sound technician, music producer and flash designer Steven Cogdell..Offering professional services for music production...

Aware for sharks!

The internet is not always trustworthy or reliable. There is a lot of fake going around. Scammers that call you, and for the music business this is also the case. So, be aware for sharks and check out and do research before jumping on any wagon..

George Christie

Producer, Consultant, Musician George George Christie, Canadian Musician, Radio Producer, Co-host, Music Producer, Keyboardist.... welcome to my blurbs! Canadian Flag ...

Tom Jackson Productions But when you do a live show, you need a Live Music Producer to make your live show the best it can be! ... Kevin Pauls is based in Toronto, Ontario, Music producer Canada ...

Jason Greenberg is a Toronto based Film Score Composer and Producer creating original Music for Film and Television as well as Record Production for select ...

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