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There are about 13,000 US labels, and about thousand UK record labels ( the number is growing every year..)and the same number of publishing companies.

Well, these amount of (independent) record labels is something I've noticed my selves. I've being up-dating the record label listing regular. A enormous work..believe me.If you wanna make it as a songwriter, music artist, or .

One ting above all if you wish to make a break through. You need good music and impress : Looking  pro is Your most hight priority ... 

Everything must be perfect ( or nearly).

The more perfect everything that matters looks , the higher your chances are climbing on the success ladder.

First move that need to be perfect...

  • Your music must be great. That's depend of your talent as a songwriter, singer.. but also..., you need to practice as much as possible.

If you want to sing your own songs, you need vocal training. Guitar lessons, or any other musical instrument lessons, and you need to rehearsal.

  • If you wish breaking into the music industry, you need to work every day.

Second move that need your attention is the promotion demo recording.

  • The recording of your promotion demo must be perfect or almost perfect. It does not mean that it must be mastered,but it must sound great and so it should be a descend recording.
  • A great recording cost money. No matter that you gonna record your songs at home, or in a professional recording studio, it will cost you money.
  •  So, the choice is up to you! Or You would you like to be taken serious by the music industry pros , or your demo ends  with thousands of other demos who didn't made it to the right table, but in wrong corner with the Trash pile..
  • Also your Labels  Demo submissions must look great: No matter if an EPK electronic press kit or your Band press kit It must look perfect ( professional). Music business is a hard business, and the competition is fierce.

So, beat your competition on the most important issues, and you'll be a winner. Of course, your songs, and music must sound awesome , too, and you need a bit of luck.

Breaking into the music industry! You can Compare it with a game of chess. Every move you make must be perfect, especially in the beginning of the game. If you blow it from the start, it will take a long time to win.. . How to play a perfect game? Simply, rehearsal a lot.Work the best you can..

Record labels and publishers...

The independent record label or  indie labels are part of the music industry, and for bands they are the number one target. Pure songwriters do need a publishing deal, they need to target the music publishers..

Some record labels have a publishing branch, so,they can take care for a publisher also..

As I always recommend to look professional, too many of the Indy record labels are not looking very professional enough. When I'm searching for record labels, I follow the same procedure. If a record label site is not looking perfect, I've my doubts about that label will act professional .

Fact is that you don't need any qualifications to start your own record label. So, many bands and songwriters, music producers start their own record label..

Breaking into the music industry: Starting Your own business

But starting a record label, Running your own Indie labels or starting your own publishing company is knowing the business, and nowadays, if you start a business,for sure you need a business plan. If you have No plan  there's NO business.

  • What are the most important problems that I noticed.. Well..problem NR one:  web sites that were under construction and this for a too long time.
  • Problem number two: Some music business people used a free web page on Myspace,or other free webspace..
  • Nothing personal,but music business is a million dollar business.. I can't understand that a music business, who want to be taken serious, is using a FREE page  as the only web presence. After all, record deals is about money Music money , and to be honest: big money; So  investing in a real decent  website? Face book, and all the other social networking sites are good promotion, but not as  your only web promotion.. Also...Record labels with a free website , then I think : "Is this company really a trustworthy music company? A company that you can send your demo to, and were you would like to sign a record deal with!.
  • The promotion package that you send to the A&R and the music publisher,……must look irreproachable. In other words: Professional, and perfect.
  • If you wish to breaking into the music industry, You need a website website that looks good and this will make the difference between the Pros and the amateurs. Again , that's is up to you to decide to which category you want to belong.
  • But..their are also real trees standing in the wood, and maybe more than fake bushes.. Anyway, you, the songwriter, or singer-songwriter must look professional, even if your( still) not a pro yourself.

What you need:

  1. A reliable web site.
  2. An near perfect, broadcast ready demo recording of your CD.
  3. And a perfect looking promotion package to pitch out.(very important)

All these things together with strong song material, and you're on the right track to get the right attention from the right people.

When you follow these guidelines 

you do have the tools for breaking into the music industry..

Thanks for your visit to our "Breaking into the music industry" page. Feel free to re-visit our other pages and follow our site's up-dates..

Lots of fun..

The webmaster

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