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This page is meant for beginning, starting bands who are ready to show their talent to the world, and have some exposure at the same time. This page exist out of three parts. I know that the priority topic of our site is all about songwriting, but band-members often writing their own songs, do they. So, band promotion is something for them too. Gig opportunities for bands. Record labels and publishers accepting submissions : for bands ,songwriters..

If you wish to have some promotion for your band or yourselves, you need the opportunity to do so..

Opportunities in what way? Well,for instants, unsigned bands, singer-songwriters, and musicians can have the opportunity to do some performing before a live audience. Not too big to start with, could be even a contest for bands were you can win a price . Although, your performing before an audience is a very satisfactive  experience and also rewarding for any band.

For the pure songwriter there's always the "songwriting contest that you can enter..

An electronic press Kit, is the newest way to promote your songs, or your band and it's music..More and more record labels are working this way.. That's quit normal, because it's the easiest way to  receive music and make an evaluation of the song's potential..The biggest advantage is that they don't have to put thousands of submissions into the shredder..

Or what do you need to include into your band press kit that makes the right impression on the A&R rep people.

There are people , musicians, singers, looking for an opportunity to show their talent.. If you find the right people, you can start a band.. One condition is that people can rehearsel regularly  .Finding a band in the UK. is your option ...

Band Promotion..promote your band to the record labels!

This is the place to be when you are searching for a record deal..Here's one of the two pages that lead you to record labels accepting demo submissions..

Labels accepting demo submissions part 2

Promotion for bands and performing artists..

For a band and the performing artist performing on stage is probably one the best band promotion you can imagine. How else can you show the qualities of your band. Also, while you're on stage, this gives you the best satisfaction after all those hours of rehearsal your vocals, and instruments..

So here are some of the many Unsigned festivals there are world wide. You can do some performing and at the same time take a vacation overseas. Make sure that you have the right papers. In some countries , like Australia, you need a special visa to do entertainment.An entertainment visa..

You need to inform and request this in the embassy of the specefic country where you wish to go to perform. This to avoid unpleasant surprises  by your arrival..

But nevertheless. Stage performing and gigs are  great to show the public how good you and your band are.

So music friends, don't miss these opportunities..

Here below you'll find a list with countries and cities world wide organizing small or bigger festivals were you can do your first steps in performing on stage..Some times you can tour with your band and take a vacation at the same time..

Canada Festivals

UK festivals

Europe Festivals

Nashville festivals

U.S. festivals

Australia and New zealand Festivals

Online Band contests

Dear music friend..

Thanks for  visiting this page. Feel free to re-visit to follow our to visit our other pages and  web site  up dates..

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