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A band Press kit are important for bands...  promotion, and  you need to know what to include and what you don't. First impression , that's the one that make or brake your chances..and a press kit is one of those things that will make or break your career..

I have heard and read  stories coming from music industry folks (publishers, and A&R ) who where receiving  demo packages from artist and songwriters from every place on the planet, and  most of them didn't had the looks of a professional music artist.. In other words: They look like crap, and this not because of handling by the post (although these things can happen too..)

What was the problem?

Some packages are containing too less info, while others are overloaded with useless information. The A & R people( the guy's that running a record label) don't care about how much time you have been spending writing your songs, or that you didn't had the right instruments to let your song sounding fabulous. Or that you have being inspired by Lake Michigan in Spring time... No..

No, those guy's don't bother about this at all. A&R people receive hundreds or some thousands packages a week. So, don't think your demo submission is one of the few they will get. It's more one of a thousand, and for the major record companies this could be probably ten times more.

They simply don't have the time to read a long bio letter from band X or artist Z.

What they need is relevant info about you or about your band and let all the rest just rest.

They are curious about is the reviews that your band has got. Or what you have already established in your young career. Tell them about your scheme, about your future goals and include this info into your band bio. I think that this will give them a first impression about what and who you are as a band.

About your band press kit.

When music pros receive your package and see a press kit that looks poor, they think the inside must also be poor. So, why bothering listen to that piece of... The out side of your package will be the first impression. It will make it or it don't.

If your submission looks good on the outside, it will come o the right pile. That's the one that will get a listened, and there fore get a chance.

If your press kit looks like a piece of crab, it go to the pile that goes to the crush-mill. Your demo may be as perfect sounding, without even a listening it will go to the dump .

So make sure your band press kit looks great, with other words: "That it's looking Professional".

These are the hard facts. How bigger the company, how bigger the pile will be. No chance to get your demo back.

Anyway, don't count too much on receiving your demo back.

If you would make a request, asking to send your demo back to you: with a self addressed envelop, sufficiently stamped on or a banknote included, then(I don't know how legal this is)you might have a chance with an independent label but certainly not with the major record labels.

Also important is that you do some research in advance. Before starting your promotion campaign and sending out your electronic or band press kit, that you figure out what kind style of music the record labels are into. Don't pitch your artist promotion package out blind. A waste of time and money on both sides. And time is money , especially for the A&R!

Your band press kit! What to include..

  • Contact address and other contact info.
  • What is the name of the band. 
  • Your contact info must included on each piece of paper:  the lyric sheets, in case they have lost your stuff in their office., then it's easier to track it.
  • Names of the members of the band and the instruments they are playing?
  • Track listing of course, but no more then 3 or 4 songs.
  • Your website URL never to forget. (if you don't have a website, it's time to start one ASAP.)
  • Have you  on-line CD sales?
  • How many fans on Facebook, Twitter, Google +,....?

  • Did you or your band had won any awards/contest? Then let it also know in your letter?
  • If you have got some radio airplay. On what radio? And how many times they did play your songs?
  • About the gigs,keep records of how many tickets have you sold.
  • Any future gigs.Where will they happen? Any interesting places that can impress?
  • The name of the songwriter? (could be a band-member)
  • The bands bio : A short no longer then 200 words note.
  • Any reviews in magazines or newspapers.
  • If possible: An on-line video of your performing.
  • It's of utter importance that you include all this this relevant info into your press kit, So they have an idea of what you and your band are and with who they are dealing with professionals
  • Brainstorm about any the other fact in your advance..That  you can give to the music business people a good view about you and your band..

       The right information!

       Nothing more nothing less.

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