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Hi and welcome to "Australian record Labels" page Here you'll find a selection with record labels based in Australia,and some (not all) currently accepting demos.

Like previous mentioned, this page with record labels is specially made for bands, and songwriters from Australia.

All the info that you need, you'll find it on the the "contact us " page or look for the "demo policy" page.

Keep in mind that in most cases US record labels don't accept unsolicited.

Ask permission first before sending submissions, is probably the best solution..

Send submissions to record labels!

Make sure you'll send the right type of songs to the right Australian record labels. So, you have to find out first what kind of music they are into. Some are demanding music of all genres ..others are more specific into the style of music they are looking for. What to include in your press kit..?

What to include in your promotion package. For songwriters .. Demo promotion package A selection of things that you have to include in your songwriters promotion package. Before starting your promotion,check this page

Australian record labels...

Afterburn Australia

Afterburn Records and Death Valley Records. Afterburn is our current (and very active) label which is strictly reissues. We put out music we dig, with total genre ...

Astronomy Records is an Australian based independent record label with a fresh voice in the world of soundtracks, relaxation and yoga music as well as original ...

Bluepie Records Australian Institute of Radiography ... We are one of the worlds leading independent record labels,

Canopy Records

An Independent Australian Record Label

6 Dec 2008  Official website for Perth's Canopy Records. An Independent Australian Record Label. Current artists include Matt Irvin, Brad Treeby and The ...

Dew Process is an indie record label based in Australia. Release records from some of Australia's best and most acclaimed artists, Foghorn Records, Australian Independent Record Label, Music ...

Australian Independent Record Label, Music Publisher and Media Servicing Company.

GGT Records

Melbourne Recording Company, Talent Agent ...

GGT Records is a Melbourne based recording studio and talent agent, All You Need to do is sing or play your favorite instrument to any song you desire. You will ...

GOLDEN ORB RECORDS. ABOUT GOLDEN ORB RECORDS: Golden Orb Records is a brand new Australian based digital drum'n'bass record label supplying ...

MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL New Australian groups, delivers an essentially flawless pop record in long form on their first shot. ...

Move Records

an independent Australian record label

A small independent music label, featuring Australian composers and performers playing classical, jazz, new age and early music.

Mushroom Music

Michael entered the music business in 1972 with the creation of Mushroom Records, the largest independent record label in Australia


In Stores September 9th 2011 through Obese Records. Mantra is fast becoming one of Australia's most eminent hip hop artists. After setting a new bench mark ...

Roadrunner Records Australia

What was Roadrunner Records supposed to do after the label corralled 56 musicians from 44 different bands spanning the label's entire 25-year history to .

Shoestring Records Australia

For artists not signed with major companies the independent recording release is ... above 10000 units in the Australian market that a full major record company ...

Skinnyfish Music Australia Record Label, Distributor, Publisher

Skinnyfish Music Australia - Independent Record Label, Distributor and Publisher supporting indigenous artists such as Gurrumul.

Spooky Records Independent Record Label from Melbourne ... Spooky Records, a unique record label from Melbourne, Australia.

Tall Poppies Records

Australia's premier independent Record Label specialising in new and classical music by Australian composers and performers. For information on how to ...

Independent Australian music site, Australian Independent Record Labels Association:White Sky Funk Jazz...

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