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Hi and welcome to our "Audio recording lessons" page. Here you'll find a selection with online recording resources.

Of course, you can find a mix-mastering engineer, and these people will do an excellent job.

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An excellent digital audio recording can be expensive undertaking.. So.. Why not start learning all the stuff yourself by following an on-line course.

You have purchased your own recording device, or a digital recording studio..

On-line you can find any possible courses that you want to.. Like I use to say..the Internet is the perfect place to search for. If you ain't find it there, you ain't find it anywhere. By matter of speaking.

You tube ( every one knows this video site) is also a great place for learning..There are a lot of videos available.., no doubt that there's one or more that can be of your help...

Remember: Knowledge is the Key to Success!

Audio recording lessons and services!

Here's the list...


Alpha Music Services Recording Studio, Record Lable, Music Lessons

Alpha Music Studios, provides instruction for beginning and advanced students.

Audio Institute of America Audio Institute of America offers an online audio course for recording engineers, music producers, and live sound engineers.

produce music with our tutorials on digital audio workstations

Recording and producing music with tutorials and digital audio

Advanced Recording Engineering and Music Production ProgramDuring the Advanced program, our control rooms are maxed out with music. Recording bands, mixing tracks…

Home Recording Connection

E-lessons, in home recording info and advice for your pro or home studio

Free online music and audio classes...

Sound Master Recording Engineer School ...

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Thanks for your visit. Like we said.. We've not listed every service on the world wid web that goes about music recording..But it's a step in the right direction if you wish to do your own home recording.. Then you defenitely can use a little help of a cyber friend who has been going through the whole recording process, and know where to look and what not to bother..It can save you a lot of time..

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