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Although many record labels , music publishers..of  today are asking for electronic press kits, there are still companies who have  a mailbox delivering for the good old mail package. OK, the EPK is easier and cheaper and will take over (on the end) maybe , but still..The mail package exist and if they allowe to send submissions..Why give it  not a try..

I 've  reading many articles online and of line, about music pro people who are receiving packages and emails from you, songwriter, musician... How they look at the  packages , and how they review the package from the first look.

It struck me   how little songwriters and artist know how the pros review these packages...and submissions...

The minus points were:

Sometimes too less info and or too much  useless info. A publisher don't care about how much time you have spent writing your song, or that you didn't had the right instruments to let your song sounding brilliant. Or that you got inspiration by Lake Michigan in spring time.

That's nice to know by your face book friends,  but useless information for these music industry guys. Some record labels receive hundreds or some times thousands packages a week. So, don't think your artist promotion package is one of the few they will get.

It's more one of a thousand. Speaking in light terms..

They don't have enough time to read long bio letters from songwriter X or artist Z. Give them the most important info about you or about your band and let all the rest just rest.

They are curious about is the reviews that your band have got. What you have already established in your songwriting career. What you want to achieve and include this info into your promotion letter. I think that this Will satisfy them enough (or maybe not).

The music pro's reason that when they see a artist promotion package that looks poor, they think the rest is also poor.

So, why bothering to listen to that piece of... They make a selection and the first impression makes it or not.

Your package must look good...and your demo must be a decend recording. Not a mastering , but the sound must be overwhelming..Standing out from the others..the rest... 

Your artist promotion package: The good, the bad and the ugly!

There are still a lot of record companies demanding for mail packages...Of course , more and more labels have a website and some prefer that you send an file trough mail or direcly uploaded to the website..This goes quickly and is cheaper then the mail..But , as I said, there are  enough companies asking for a package through mail..

If your artist promotion package has not been add to the right pile.

I'm sorry to tell you this but, it will been crushed without even a listening.

That's only the hard facts. How bigger the firm, how bigger the piles are. No chance to ask your demo back. If you would make a request with a self-addressed envelope, sufficiently stamped on or add a banknote (I don't know how legal this is)you have a chance with an independent label but not with the mayor ones.

Anyway, don't count too much on receiving your demo back. Also important is to try to inform what kind of music or style they are looking for. Don't pitch your package out blind. A waste of time and money on both sides. And time is money for everybody.

Every important thing not to forget when sending your submissions to publishing companies to get a publishing deal for your babies..

Or a company that take al the promotion work of your hand....Taxi

 What to include in your promotion package?

  • Your demo recording .with a maximum of 4 songs. This could be a CD or a SD card with your best songs , music..

• Name and contact info.

• A short bio..

• What instruments do you play?

• Where you come from and what style(s) of music do you write?

• Website URL (very important).

• Are you a singer-songwriter?

• Any press quotes?

• Did you Win any Contest or awards?

• Do you have your own studio?

• Names of the musician's playing on the demo.

• Name of the vocalist?

• Have you co-writing the song

• The lyric sheets.. Dont forget:Each and every piece of paper, or any other item that you add to your press kitt..Put on your  name and address, so they'll know it's yours if they are loose it some where in the office... 

Press kit for bands

All the stuff that you need to put into your press kit...Find here more about your band press kit information.. Put all this this relevant info into your promotion package. So that they have an idea of what you and about your band. So, they might have an idea with who they are dealing with: (almost) Music professionals.

An EPK: it's an electronic press kit.. This could be a website or a face book page...or any other page on the internet that you would use for promotion purpose...This will be the future fore songwriters and musicians to promote their music...The mail package is still an option , but the electronic submission will win the race against the artist promotion package sent by the's increasing every year ...

Look pro, be pro.

Think about all the information you can give to the music business people,that can be at your advantage.

The right information!

Nothing more nothing less.

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