Hi and welcome .  Amplifiers are in fact more of use for the performing artist. Those who sing,play guitar or  keyboard, synthesizer and the speaker amplifiers.  Although the active speakers have an inbuilt amp, there you plug your guitar ,or any other gear that you wish to use and you are ready to go.   Big , or small audience, indoor  or outdoor you need the amp that suit your purpose the best.

There are the combo amps. They contain both the amp and speakers in one single unit. 

In the other form, the amp is separated from the speakers, and joined to them by cables. This is called, the amp head and is placed on top of one or more loudspeaker enclosures.

The amps head and the speakers enclosures together forming the amp stack.

For the electric guitar, an amplifier stack consisting of a head and one cabinet is commonly called a half stack. While a head and two cabinets is referred to as a full stack.

Although, most amps  that are used with electric guitar are solid state, some still prefer the sound of vacuum tubes.

Some modern amps are using a mixture of both technologies, with the old vintage vacuum tubes next to the new integrated circuits.

With the upcoming of the micro-chips technology, there have been new "modeling" amps that don't use vacuum tubes and can simulate a variety of vintage amps.

But first of all, I have to do some explaining about this page and all the others as well. The main purpose of this site, is to give freely information on every aspect of the art of song writing and composing. And this in main for the beginner,so that he find easier the road through the music business jungle,than I have don in my first learning years.

This site means also something for artist, performers and musicians and every body else who is interested in writing, composing and the (music) business in general. Keep in mind that the higher the quality of the amps you wish to buy the higher the price will be. Music equipment, especially the quality amps are quit expensive. So used material could solve the problem too.

So,   when I say that you safe a few years of time of experience, by reading this sites content.

Amplifiers  from guitar to synthesizers!

Guitar combo amps, amps head and acoustic guitar amplifier

guitar combo Amps:

Crate RH50T(50W)

Roland Cube Modeling guitar Amp(60w)

BehrigerLX112 V-Amppire Combo

Guitar Amp Heads :

RandalRH50T Tube(50W)

IbanezTN120 Thermion

Marshall TSL100triple

GibsonGA50A Class AB

Acoustic Guitar Amps:

Traynor AM50

Alesis Coolfire 15w

Ibanez TA20.

Marshall AS100D.

QSC GX3 GX5 GX7 amplifier. 

Keyboard Amplifiers!

-Roland KC350(120W)

-Peavey KB4(70W)

-Alesis Sumo 15

-Berhinger KT108(15W)

-Motion Sound KP200S

-Roland KC150........and many more

These were just a few brands, but sure there are many more to find. If new material should be too expensive, what is quit normal for a staring artist, then used material can be the answer. There are many websites to find on the  net with second hand stuff.

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