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Here you'll find a selection with record labels currently accepting demos. This page is created for songwriters,bands,..who wish to pitch their packages to the United States based record labels....

Make sure you'll send the right type of songs to the right labels. So, you have to find out first what kind of music they are into. Some are demanding music of all genres ..others are more specific into the style of music they are looking for.

All the info that you need, you'll find it on the the "contact us " page or look for the "demo policy" page.

Keep in mind that in most cases US record labels don't accept unsolicited.

Ask permission first before sending submissions, is probably the best solution.. Good luck in your search for a record deal!

Putting all the US record labels on this page would give you a page of about a mile long...More then 10.000 record labels...reside in the USA and every day there are starting a few new and a few will dissapear.. That's the live on the wordl wide web...It's the same as in the real wordl but you can ad and go much faster...

American Record Labels: Here's the list....

  • Mercy Sound Records Pure Jazz record label based in New York City..

    Big Noise Now Records
  • Big Noise has been exposing recording artists to the world for over 20 years. We are an ... contracts with record companies and management firms. Our artists

  • Blue Skunk Music is a blues and roots record label based out of Chicago that releases albums by traditional and contemporary blues artists ... Accepting demo submissions...

    Brox Records
  • Offering traditional and non-traditional country music, artists

  • Freedom Tracks Music Music Production Company; music publishing, independent record label, artist management, demo production, song plugging, country music, rock, folk rock, 
  • Guardian Records LTD  An independent record label located in Suffolk County, Long Island New York, Sponsor Hip/Hop, Country/Pop, Gospel, Jazz, and R&B.

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