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Hi and welcome to "American music producers". Here you'll find a selection with producers besides the one we have allready listed : Nashville, New York,...pages 

More Producers from around the US...If you are looking for a music producer based in the U.S, then this page could be just right for you.

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A skilled and famous music producer with a is an expensive and not easy to find problem to overcome..

Good music producers are everywhere and they cost money.. The more famous they are the higher he expenses will be..

True, they can make your songs sound spectacular, beyond your dreams..

So, you probably can try it out with your best written songs and see what the public finds about them..and who knows.. This could be the start of a life time dream..or a broken dream...

So, keep your feets on the ground and se what happens...

Here's the list with American Music producers!

Tom Jackson Production

Live Music Producers do with the Live Show what a Record Producer does with the Recording. Through on stage rehearsals, we help artists and bands find the ...

Marc Needham's style as a Music Producer is to expand on an artists existing creativity through arrangement, lyric, and rhythmic or melodic assistance as needed.

Music Producer, Alex Salzman, ...

Chicago Songwriter, Producer, Xidas Music is a leader in commercial music production for TV, radio, records, and industrial films in Chicago,

Music producer Wyndell music producer Songwriter, remixer, Programmer, Musician, and movie critic.

Record Producer and Founder of Shaolin Records

Acoustic Music,Alternative,Blues,Classic .... San Diego, California Four year apprenticeship training.

Chad Farran Music producer for Film, TV, and independent recording projects ... Chad Farran has made a name in the San Diego music scene by playing ...

.Jimmy Hunter is an excellent producer and musician, jingle in an lively and animated sounding track for a popular San Diego area mall

Francis Phan is a writer, composer, designer and US music Producer.

This US and Canada tv and radio music production company has a new look and ... Producer. Musician. Audio Engineer. S

Ben Lindelll is a New York City  music producer/engineer/ musicmixer....

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