Acoustic Guitar

Hi there and welcome to 'Acoustic Guitar' page! Known as the steel string classical , this is probably the most popular instruments when it's come to songwriting.

This page is meant for beginner songwriters who have not yet chosen an instrument ( guitar, keyboard, piano, ukulele..).

If you've choos this instrument as your songwriting  instrument, than the best thing is starting with the classicalguitar.

Why? Simply because I think that when you are just starting, you have to find out if this instrument is right for you. So, you do not have to spend a lot of money .. Try it out if the guitar fits you ..

If you change your mind, you haven't wasted a lot of money for an instrument that isn't right for you, and so you can still go for an other instrument. But, please reconsider, because the guitar is a great instrument..

A tip before 

If you have a friend or a family member who's playing the guitar also( or has a spare one)? Then, perhaps you can borrow his/her instrument for a while, and find out if the guitar is really an instrument that meet your need. Just the time you need to decide.. You figure out if this is your instrument with-out spending or loosing a lot of money ( you will need your money later on when it's come to recording and promotion).

From acoustic guitar to songwriting! 

You have learned to play and everything goes well, than the next step that you can go for an acoustic guitar or an electro-acoustic.Of course,you can stick with the classical guitar of. The rule is that there is no rule.

This guitar is in fact a modern form of the classical guitar, but with steel strings for a brighter, louder sound.

The acoustic guitar is also been called an 'Folk guitar or Country guitar..

More expensive instruments feature solid wood tops, spruce. Sides and backs often rosewood,maple or mahogany. Lower-priced instruments can combine solid tops with laminated backs and/or sides. But in general the quality of the produced sound stay very high..

Entry-level guitars are often made entirely of laminated wood, because of the lower price...

guitar lessons.. Life is learning.. So, if you want to become a famous guitar player, you need to learn, and practice your guitar a lot ..

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