The A and R people.

The a and R or the "artist and repertoire representatives" are the people that sign the artist, and they are also the leading people that run the record labels, with the head of the A&R on top.

Whether it goes about a small indie label, or the big major record labels, every label is running by staff.

To run an Independent record label, you to have at least a staff of three A & R who share the tasks..While the major labels could have a staff of a few thousands ..

A band could perfectly start and run a record label, if they are with three people, and the plus is that there are no special qualifications needed to start one.Although, the best thing to do if you really want to start you're own label is to make a business plan. Every person who wish to start a business needs a plan ..

Some of the a & r spot for talent on gigs of bands and or performing songwriters. They watch if the band or artist is worth to get signed. Also, today there are many music industry people who searching on social network sites ( Myspace , and Youtube,) to discover new original songwriter talent .. It's also their job to negotiate a record deal, and see if a signing is possible.

After signing a contract, then promoting the band, artist is also a part of the plan. This is done by other staff, and every staff had its speciality to do.

The A and R scouts are the employees of these record companies. record labels.. or indie record labels or Independent record labels

The A and R: The talent scouts!

The A and R scouts are searching for new talent to sign-up to the company.  When you are doing a stage performing, alone, with your band, or with many bands and artists, be aware that there could be talent scouts among the public. People who are searching new artists that could be good for their company, and make them money. They invest in your talent but only if they think you will make them money. if they are not sure or doubt, then its probably a nope. No worries. Other and better. Some een start their own company  and managing their own music business.

After listening to your band's promotional CD, it's possible that they will come to your band gig to scout your band .But when it's coming to sign a deal, the head of the A&R has the last word. Mostly in advice with the other representatives, to convince himself one hundred percent of the potential of the deal.

If he makes (too) many mistakes,than that can lead to the bankruptcy of that record company and as you maybe know or not, but their are still a lot of people depending on him.

So, their main jobs is local talent scouting, to negotiate a record deal, and to promote the bands and artists in their rooster. Promotion takes a large part of the work and the budget. If you have a CD to promote, then promotion is a big investment in time and money on behalf of the music artist...

About your earnings ...

All the money that comes from selling your music goes in parts. One part goes to the record label staff, another goes to the publisher, and another part will be used for the promotion expenses. Everything that the band will earn is put in the signed contract.

Also the part for the record label ( and the promotion), sometimes there's even a part that goes to earnings that you get paid in advance. So, don't think that you get something for nothing. The money coming from the selling of the CD will be shared by many, include the band, or the artist.

If you want to breaking into the music business, you need to know something about their most important members.

The A&R representatives   are in fact running a record label.

If you are a singer-songwriter or a band member who write the songs, then the A and R are the guy's you have to contact to get a signed deal.. A contract for yourselves or your band. On the other hand,  The Major record labels have a large artist rooster, and a long reputation..and millions $'s  to spend... So,  your best bet is to set your goals on the smaller Independent record companies..with a smaller rooster, but an effective promotion service..

. If you need more information concerning the record label staff, then go to their site's contact info page . Most record labels give a list with the A&R people, and what their job is in the company.

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