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Hi and welcome to "UK music producer" page. Here you'll find a selection with producer besides the one we have already listed on previous page "London area" based producers.If you are looking for a music producer based in the UK, then this page could be just right for you.

Here's the list

James Kelly Music Composer and Music Producer

I'm a music composer, producer and musician based in Manchester and London U.K. I compose and produce bespoke music for a wide range of clients in tv, ...

Scott discovered a passion for country music and learned to play Pedal Steel Lap ... Liverpool producer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist

Kooky is based in Liverpool, England and has been an underground electronic dance producer for the past 18 years.More about...

Film &TV Music Producer, composer, Jazz Saxophone

UK based music Composer, musician and saxophone player.Pete Thomas

UK music producer

A7 Music

Publishing, Supervision, Artist & Producer Management

One Republic's UK tour - more? ... A7 music scores 2 Marcella Detroit songs on Top 5 Charlotte Church album more? ...

Dave Chang, Record Producer and Sound Engineer of Rock, Metal and Extreme music. This site contains mp3s, recording hints, recording studio info, ...

Ian Catt,a UK based music producer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, recording engineer . If you have heard the music of ...

Nate Connelly Music Composer & Producer R.T.S.A Music Composer Writ/Dir/Prod Christophe Vielliard Producer Fred Nelson DOP

This portfolio site announces the completed remastering of his classic series of albums, as well as acting as a platform for Clifford's future promotions.

Electronic and Trip Hop music producer based in Leicester UK.

Alongside Electronica and Triphop music Orton Emme also produces ambient and downtempo music.

Steve Knight

UK Music Producer Steve Knight aka Knyt A music producer from the UK. Steve posesses a diploma in Music Technology at Distinction level, ...

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