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Hi and welcome to the "UK band contest" page. Here you'll find a listing with band and singers competitions around the UK country.

One of the most exciting things that you can do as a band or a singer-songwriter is to perform on public. To show the people what you have been rehearsing and practising for month , and then finally the day that you are standing on stage.

Stage fright! For some it has the impact of a bullet,then performing on stage it's not a happy scene..

Anyway, you have been rehearseling as would your life depending on it, and now it's time to pick the fruit of all that rehearsal alone or with your band .

The competition for unsigned bands and singers provides a great opportunity to perform live in front of A and R,top producers, promoters....

OK, when it's winter cold, but..Not to worried..The good thing is that there's plenty of time to prepare for the summer festivals..

In other words, you can show them your talent..

Note: Take in mind that for some (the bigger) festivals you have to do audition first and for other competitions (the smaller ones) maybe not..

Go on stage, beat the rest and Knock the A & R's socks ...on the UK's next year 2014 festivals..

Gig opportunity!


north east scotland's festival of new music

It embraces a network of local organisations to produce a varied programme of events exploring new music. .

Surface Festival

The International Festival For New Music ...

A festival of new music held throughout Europe in aid of discovering

Based in 16 cities in the U.K. and Europe and operate over 500 shows ...

UK band contest in Leeds Festival Tickets, line up, rumours. With 100s of 'tweets' every hour and many pictures shared of the campsite, arena and bands. ...


if you're in an Unsigned band and want to play Bloodstock 2010 then get in touch with ...

UK band contest "The Glastonbury Festival"

If you are in an unsigned band it really is a priceless opportunity.

Its slightly more exciting this year as well. bands have a double chance of winning. I guess they have made it extra special with it being the 40th anniversary.

UK band contest: Stone Music Festival ... 600 Schools in the UK and others in Ireland, the United States, Canada, Australia and Europe. ...

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