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Here you'll find a selection with music publishers and their contact information from the Houston area. So, some of the publishing companies are asking for music from around the corner, while others don't bother.. Listen their contact information carefully before sending any submissions.. When we come across a new name, our company ,we'll add them to our list. Follow the up-dates.

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Texas music publishing , target for songwriters.

Treasure Intl. Co. Inc. 1909 Scott St Houston, TX 77003 Alpa & Omega 10208 Irvington Blvd Houston, TX 77076

Aziyah Publishing

Coming Soon the public launch of Aziyah Publishing. Providing a unique opportunity for songwriters to ... houston music publishing production booking company. www.aziyahpublishing.com/

Big sugar music the prime location for music publishing and networking  from the great State of Texas R David Cash...

Big Sugar Music Publishing

Most Cold Digital

Houston music publishing, songwriting, and music production company.. Mostcold Co

Goldrhyme Music

Serving Your Area

H W Daily Inc.

Omni Mgmt. 1909 Scott St Music publisher Houston, TX 77003

Texas Music Publishing! Aware for the shark.

If you are thinking about sending your music submissions to a publisher or a record label, then  you need to reed these information first. It's about  shark publishers. They have been there in the past and they will be today, and probably will be there in the future. So,..important to know what shark publishing is all about.

Southern Music Company, established in 1937, has published over 5000 educational and concert music titles and has over 250 representative music dealers ...

Southherm Music

Shortstop Records 2600 South Loop W Houston, TX 77054

Texas Cherokee Music

Subsidiary of Adrian Enterprises (Est. 1982), and a BMI affiliated publishing company since 1995, that only accepts submissions from ..

Texas Cherokee Music


ā€ˇTexas Music Forge is a , Austin, Texas-based composer, publisher, writer, producer, musical director and musician Ed Kliman. You can find info on site.


 Winners Circle Country Music Publishing

Dallas, Texas. We are a music publishing, promotions, ...

Winners Circle Country Music Publishing

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