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SongMaker!X-press, Issue # 73Ways to improve your music promotion
December 10, 2015

Hi, Welcome to our latest issue of songmaker X-press..Special thanks to all the new subscribers to our free newsletter...

As you maybe already noticed.. The website has gone through some structural changes..All with one thing in mind.

To provide information as good as possible and even better..It's a project work in progress, and takes time.Please be patient...

Table of contents!

1- Welcome word (above this text)

2-For all our (New) subscribers, Two FREE!( Download) E-books. Starting an online business! All you have to know..

3-Short introduction of our website.

4- Montly article:Ways to improve your music promotion!

5- The Looking for.....corner! Songwriters, musicians.... looking for something( promotion,songs, a band member....)

As already mentioned above, subscribers can download ( if they wish) two great gifts for free: Two business e-books on how to start and run an Online Business successfully.

2)The FREE gift for our New Subscribers.

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Two great E-booklets for free. If you're thinking about starting a home based (music) business on-line, or if you know someone who does, then this is something for you( or him/her). Two E-books you absolutely need to read. And.. most of all , they are a gift.

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3)First of all a short introduction

Of our website "".

Our site is about songwriting..with a lot of other news and information also.. Info about music business, music promotion, music recording... Why this website? A few years ago I decided to created this website to share all the knowledge that I 'I've gathered through the years.

I always say that I can't learn how to write a hit song, because if there was a recipe for hit songs, every one would writing hit songs, and hit-songs would become normal. Compare it as if everybody would know the winning numbers of the lottery..and hit the jackpot..

What I do is giving advice on how to promote, and record your songs as a professional would do. Also, I try to find resources that accept demo submissions, and that's probably the biggest work, and also very highly targeted by our site's visitors..

Our site "" in numbers.

Our website has almost 200 pages on line..home page included.

Most of our visitors, about 70 %,are from the United States, 15% from the UK, and the rest from Europe, Australia, Canada China and more than 100 other countries..

There are also the Back Issues. These are the newsletter in the past published. These issues stays online as long as our site will continue.. Every visitor that comes to our site can read these back issues of our newsletters.. To visit our site

News about our website..

I have some new plans with our website ''. No, I won't change the site's the name.. Although that was one of my ideas, and some will say that this would be better.. To many complications would appear if I did change the website's name , so I heve burried that idea soon..

What I probably,may could do is split the site in two parts.. One would be the musicbusiness part with resources from the music industry, and an other would be more about all the thins concerning the sonwriting, and the songwriter..

What I will develope in the nearby future is the "Band and artist" corner..This page will be a forum for songwriters and singer-songwriters.. to promote themselfes and to promote the music.. This whole concept is still in an developing stage, it's an idea that will grow in time....We will see later on how much reponse there will come..

An other thing is...

At the same time we will slowly deactivate our pages with youtube videos..I started this part on our website to give bands and songwriters some promotion, and this promotion was totally free. The "bands and artist" page will also be Free..No fee, or other cost what so ever will be asked..

In our newsletter we will continue with free promotion for bands, or adds for Singers looking for songs".. The newsletter is also "FREE" and stays free..

4) Article: Ways to improve your music promotion ...

Improve your promotion.. that you 'must' do to take the next step in your song writing career.. Not in order of importance..It's up to you to decide what is the most important promotion, and then the next.. and so on..All these promotion roads are important.. These could all help you to take the next step on the music business ladder..

Promotion off-line..A simple package.. It's the old way promotion promote your songs with the usual mail package.. Just like it was in the old days.. There are publishers and other music business people who do not have a web site.. Although, I suppose that most have an email , you can always sent an email..

But, like I said, there are , a few, who do not have any web experience..Some have not message and wish to do business like they have do it for the last 50 years.. Without the internet..So..these people wish to see and hear a package with a cd..

It's important to Read all the guidelines before sending your package..

Sending your files in the form of attachment..Many record labels and publishers see the advantages of this electronic submissions..It's quick, and easy..and cheap..Also, the company doesn't have a pile with cd boxes and other rubble any more..Deleting goes with one click..Also cheap and easy..

Your own web site..When I say website I don't mean a facebook or twitter account..A website is a personnel web-presence..Facebook is a company that , if you had the money and the knowledge , you too could have started..

Unfortunately for you or me..There are others who had the idea and walk with the money.. This doesn't mean that i'm against social media..not at all,I would say.. But a personnel website has 100 times more value..Like I said..Facebook and all the other social media are big business and make money from people like you and me..Because, we all me use of social media..and that's not at all a problem..

After you have build your website, then you can start promote your website with social media..Social media is great promotion.. Fast and easy.. Because others can promote you.. Friends and friends of the friends.. So, it can go fast.. But these companies are business too.. They will ask you to promote yourself with advertisement..

That's there biggest income.. Advertisement..Then, it's up to you if you wish to spent money or not.. This could work or sometimes it's a waste of money..

Send your music and cd to local radio..and even the national radio..If they play your music .. It's ok, and if they don't..Next time better.. If you don't promote your songs and music to the radio, they can't hear your music, and can't broadcast your music..Sending: you maybe have a chance of being on the radio.. Not sending: nothing will happen..This counts for every promotion.. If you don't act.. nothing will happen..

Send your music to songwriting contests..They cost money, but the same thing as previous.. If you don't try them, you don't have a chance to get exposure..You never get noticed..You can win a price by entering this contest..Not entering.. Nothing will happen..

You can start sing your songs on the street..It's an alternative for performing.. You learn to perform and sing..You'll see how people react .. What they think about your music..But,again..It's great to perform on the street, but do some research first to avoid problems.. There are cities where you need a performer licence..Ask around on the internet (social media, forums..) what the local rules are.. If there are any..Even better..But ask first..Just in case..Performing in front of a life public has many benefits.. for you..No doubt..that you'll learn a lot and maybe earn a bit of money too..

Use a promotion service or a music promotion company..

One of the most famous(perhaps the most expensive too) promotion services is 'Taxi'. They don't accept every one.. No, they listen to your music,and make a selection.. if they like your music and if they think it has potential..Well, then.. You pay and they start to promote your songs.. The entry fee is quit high..Like I said before..If you don't have the time to do the promotion yourself,and think that a promotion company can help you to reach the next level. Then take your wallet, and give it a try..

The "Looking for" corner

This to show who you are and how serious you are to make it into the music business, and we need to check that You are older then 14 years , otherwise please don't submit...

Also, make sure that add your exact website URL..Because your name and facebook or Twitter..Suppose I enter your name "John Smith" into the FB search box, I get a long list with names.. So, exact web url of your website,FB,Twitter, or any other web presence..Thanks...

One last Note: Make sure that you make a contract/ signed agreement if you the singer,producer/songwriter want to team-up for a song, music deal...This to avoid problems in your future career...

We'll start with...

Joe Byrd

Hi, I'm Joe Byrd..from the United States.. I am a musician, composer and performing artist seeking to promote my music. I am very interested in getting my compositions licensed for Film, TV and advertisements. My primary genre is instrumental smooth-jazz. However, I write and record music for "Adult contemporary." First Name: Joe E-Mail Address: Joe Byrd Music

Katie Dix

Kate Dix pass on some info :

Hi everyone! My name is Katie Dix. Im looking for country songs.

I like tunes that kick ass. Im not much of a sappy singer lol. Im in my 20s, used to sing with Buck Owens, the famous Chris Lord Alge mixed my last two songs and now im looking for more tunes. Thanks in advance!

Katie Dix Katie Dix on her Website:

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So, ,wish you all the best for your career.. Best regards, and until our next issue..

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