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1- Welcome word

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3-Article:Top ten music promotion!

4- Useful songwriting resources

1) Welcome friends...

Hi and welcome to the newest issue of our newsletter.

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Again, thanks to be with us again and....

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3) This month Article: Top ten Music promotion.

10 tips in order of importance on how to do your music promotion.

1) mail package:

At the moment still the number one issue to do your demo or music promotion. As I've explained before, your package must look professional and this means "perfect". A professional looking submissions, with a excellent demo recording, and this sent by mail to music publisher or A&R, is still the best reference to show how good you are. Remember, when an package arrives in the mailbox to the publishers or record label office, the first selection happens just with a view on the out-side of the submissions.

What to include into Your artist promotion package?
2) Electronic press kitt. Sending your songs in Mp3 file with an e-mail. But not every record label or music publisher is accepting submissions through e-mail. So..Before sending your music mp3 electronically, visit their web site and read the demo policy. If they accept e-mail submissions, it will be state.

3) Start your web site!

When people type in your name on google, or Yahoo, they'll find you.One on your name or any other, but make sure you have a valuable web presence.

More about building a website.
4) Youtube , Google video, and Yahoo video ( I prefer Youtube) . Simply, make a video while you sing your songs! Make sure that they are protected by copyright before showing them to world. You never know who's watching, do you?

5) start a page on Myspace . a very good starting-up site before the big work. Just to get in the mood. Myspace is great, but is an awful big forest ( read website ) with millions of users and pages. So..to find your tree or page there..Like I said It's not a bad move, but it's difficult to get noticed. Although, you have to know how to get noticed, of course. Promote your Myspace page, to the other myspace members..and everything is possible, if you know how.

6) Try to get your songs listed on radio. Internet and locally radio to start with. ( The bigger, will follow if you get more and more attention of the small )Send them your demo, the same way you send your submissions to A&R or publisher. Many are demanding for new music , new bands-artists and locally talent. But to avoid a waist of time and money, make a call and see of they really are interested in new songs. Then, send them your demo.

More about radio and music promotion.
7) Songwriting contests. Make sure you entry to the right contests. I mean..I have heard that some songwriters who have, joined to a certain songwriting contests, paid their entry fee, and never heard from them ever since. The website disappeared together with the mail address,and all the rest.

Great promises, but end of story it seems to be an empty bottle. How can you avoid to get this disappointment yourself? Well, in the first place ,start doing some research . There are a lot of songwriting forums and networking sites for songwriters where the bad are openly exposed and condemned by members. People who have been taken by the nose them-self. So, research is an useful thing to do.

More about...

Songwriting Contests
8) music magazines and music e-zines. Send them an e-mail or call them before you send your promo demo. If they like your music , you'll automatically catch their attention, you can have an article....

9) Music and band Promotion company. I must admit , it's excellent promotion for bands. Off course. It's not for free. And again, do some research before joining the club.

10) Compilation cd's. There are some record labels who are doing compilation Cd's. If they are existing for a few years, then I suppose there can't be a problem. Again, to be sure that it isn't a waist of money. Entry fees can get up to $500. The same as I've mentioned before. Go to songwriters forums and see who are the serious. The record labels that are keeping their promises.

More about compilation cd's..

To end with...

These were, to my point of view , the ten best way's to promote your music, songs.... Maybe there are a few more ways ,if you know one..let us know about them. I'll publish them in our next issue.

Depending of you are a songwriter or a band, the order of importance can varying a bit also. But in general, these promotions are for songwriters and bands, musicians, singer-songwriters..

A last tip. Don't lay your eggs all in one basket.

Thanks for your time and until our next article..


4) Some useful Resources!

The Music Contracts! The best advice that I can give you is this. Music contracts... Never ever start a business relationchip with out a contract is been signed ! Period..

The Ultimate Recordlabel! Starting your own record label never has been easier! Read the story and see for yourself...

SiteSell's Video Tour! If you're a creative person, and thinking about your own web site and online business.. Please... Check this out

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