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How to get the most out of your promotion music videos

This month article is a reminder of how to get the best results from your youtube, or other videos.

Now and then I'll go on youtube searching for songwriters and music artists trying to do their very best to get noticed by the music industry guys. This could truly happen,and probably already has happened. But what you need is a lot of vies of your videos. If you don't have many views, A&R or other music business people will think that it's just a video like their are a few thousands to watch on the youtube channels.

So you have to stand-out from the rest to get their attention. If your music videos are having a lot of views and you have a big fan base on your youtube channel, then your chances to get signed increase by the the minute.. How to get more views?

You can turn your Youtube page easily into a E.P.K. (an electronic press kit). That's what I'm just going to try to explain here.

Videos and especially Yotube videos are a great way to promote your songs, music, and your self to the music industry people. The Youtube video site is now on-line for abouteight years or so, and it success has increased most of the years of it existence. Even when the new social networking sites where moving up-warts, youtube is still the video site number one.

And for bands,songwriter and other music artist one of the best promotion.

While visiting the youtube site, I've seen many talented songwriters who could, have a good chance to make a breakthrough into the music industry, and to get signed . I suppose that's the goal of every songwriter who's visiting our website.But many of them have just few views of their ( to many) videos.

Again, they are talented singers, and good songs but few views of their videos. Why? Can you imagine that you have 1,000,000 views of your profile and your videos! Music videos is mainly about mouth to mouth. If you have a good video quality music video ( and there are many), you'll get a lot of response. People will talk about you. You even will have to dismiss the messages ( so you won't get messages anymore)because you don't have time anymore to reply to the messages.

That's okay, you'll talk only to the people you wanna talk, and that's it.

So , here a few tips when starting your Youtube entry ,increasing your video views and thereby your chances to get noticed by the music business pros.

Make a professional impression on the music industry..

First of all..

Always make a selection of your songs, and put only the most strong songs on your Youtube channel. Like a normal press kit not more then 4 videos, and make sure they are good. Your best ones..That's important.. Some think that they need a lot of videos to get noticed. But I have another point of view on this. Better a few quality videos then a whole bunch of ..

Number two: Put only original songs on your channel. No covers of whatever songs..Only original material.

Don't use a web-cam or a cell-phone , but a high quality recording camera to record your songs on video. If you don't have a camera yourself, then borrow one..Your music career is depending of it.

Use a quality microphone when making a video recording. This to insure that sound of the video will be excellent. Bad sound is equal to bad video, and low views.

Only put music videos on your youtube channel. If you're planned to make a documentary about yourself, then you better start a second Youtube channel. Even better would be that you start your own web site. There you can ad whatever video, and whatever information you whish..Remember that making a professional impression with your music videos, this will increase your views, and people who will visit your web site. Your web site is the source that make s money for you ( not your youtube ,facebook...page)

If possible, then make a video clip on your music. Video clips are always entertainment. Good songs and music together with funny movies always are bullseye for people who are just looking for a some musical entertainment on the net. Video clips are great promotion for your songs. So, If you have the possibility of making a clip, then do so. Good music with a good directed video clip always works! This could mean that you need to spend some money, but if you have really good songs, then it's just a long term investment that pays back in time.

Into the spotlights..

Hi. This is the "Spotlight" corner of our monthly newsletter. Every one who's can be into the "Spotlights". Just reply th our newsletter and let me know who you are. You need to be a subscriber, and if we notice your name and e-mail address in our mailing list, you'll get your promotion ad.

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This month into the spotlight: Lance Toohey from Cairns,Australia

Hi Guys, ....myself, Lance W Toohey (lyricist) and my music collaborator Bryan Retter have just completed a CD of 10 country, rock, ballad and blues demo songs. We have only been together for 2 months, but the minute I heard Byran's music and saw his studio I realised I had hit the jackpot. Bryan (in his own words) spends little time with lyrics (good news for me) but he is a prolific and amazing music writer with some 30 or so years involved in the music industry.

Myself, I only started writing song lyrics about 3-4 years ago and have amassed almost 700 lyrics, so I guess I might qualify as prolific myself. From the moment my friend Terry Doyle added music to one of my lyrics I was hooked. Now I am seeking to write full time and maybe with a bit of luck and plenty of collaboration time with Bryan, "you just never know ya luck in a big city!" Lance W Toohey

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