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3) Article: Tips to improve your lyric writing.

Most songs exist out of two parts: The melody and the lyrics. There are songwriters who are only composing tunes, and there are songwriters who are writing lyrics. They are also known as the lyric writer, or the lyricist.

Of course, everything can be learned. Certainly in the beginning, when you have just a few songs, writing lyrics can be quit difficult,and a.. time consuming activity. It's also depending on how much talent you have for writing lyrics. For some , it will be easy. Some songwriters are starting with writing the lyrics first, and the melody after. Possibly, because they have less problems with writing lyrics..

Anyway, writing a song, you can compare it with putting all the pieces of a puzzle together. Resulting in a perfect piece of art, that people like a lot when they hear it on the radio.

So,the lyrics are just one part of the puzzle to make, and this can take a while before this part is perfectly put together. Here are some tips when you wish to try to write the lyrics for your melodies.

Tips for better lyric writing.

Tip one: Reading books is a very good way to get inspiration for certain themes to write about. In general , you can write about everything. But fact is that 99 percent of all songs goes about love. So, Reading romans and romantic books can actually very useful when it comes to lyric writing.

Tip two: Watching movies has the same effect as reading books. Some songwriters don't like to read, so watching a good film can be a good alternative for books.

tip three: Although,Books are having an important advantage .You can improve your English grammar. Especially for songwriters that speak an other tongue than English. But even when when you are from the US, UK, or any other English speaking country, reading books can be very educating, and inspiring when it come to lyric writing.

Tip four: Lyrics doesn't necessarily need to be very complicated. Many songs have only few words. These words are coming repeatedly back in the verses and the.Repeating the words has the effect on the audience that the song get stuck in the head, what is good for the selling. People will remember a certain song better, and will remember the title, when it's coming repeatedly in the song text. tip five. If your not a lyricist, you can try to write your own song lyrics. You know about what the song is going. The title is already in your head. So, why not writing the song yourself. Keep the previous written tips in your mind...In fact, you have nothing to loose.

Tip six: If you're are absolutely sure that lyric writing is nothing for you, because you have try it and try it again, but it seems not o work. Then you can start searching for a lyric writer.

tip seven: Never pay for song lyrics. You make a signed deal. Signed by both parties, songwriter, and lyric writer. What has to state into that contract, that's up to you. A contract has always to be negotiated.

tip eight: A rhyme dictionary could be a usefull tool for lyric writers,songwriters...


Who will pay for the recording?

I've read somewhere that a lyric writer should record the song, and takes the costs for the recording studio or a demo recording service. But I think by myself, "Why must the lyric writer should pay for the recording?".. I'm not convinced that this is the right way, and fair to let one part of the team takes all the costs. Again, songwriter and lyric writer.

Talk to each other, negotiate, and try to agree what and how the song will recorded. One thing clear. The royalties will always been a 50/50 split between melody writer and lyric writer.

I believe that there has been already a lot of talk and discussions, and writings concerning this subject of who's going to pay for what..But again, both parties have to agree with the deal.. If one part find that there's something not right, he has to tell it why this or that isn't the way he thinks it should be. Better no agreement then a bad one.

Some coalitions between lyric writer and tune writer goes on for years, others are simply a one time only joint-venture.

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4)Into the spotlights...

Kimberly Creech-Mitchell, is an United States songwriter.

She writes:I write country songs for a band called "Illegal Limits". I will also write for you. We have already prepared one demo song and have more waiting. Let me know if you can use my services or would like to promote my song or the band.

E-mail Address: creechjoan@yahoo.com To read more about this songwriter and to listen to her music : www.mycountryspace.com

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