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Article: tips and advice for beginner songwriters

Tip on writing lyrics

If you have problems to find the right words, and the right lyrics. Don't worry. From my own experience, I sometimes write a dozen pages filled with lyrics,words, and phrases, and this just to write only one song . Later on, I make a selection with what I think would be suitable for the song lyrics,and peace by piece I'm putting them together as a puzzle. When I think the job is done, then I get rid of all the pages (the crap parts) that I wrote. I only keep the best and delete the rest.

Make your songs not longer then three verses and about three minutes long.

Tip for writing tunes.

You can use songwriting software programs. This software allows you to write a tune quick and easily on your computer. Successful songwriting exist in writing a lot of songs. So, if you can create many tunes, then this is at your advantage.

If you have so many tunes that you impossibly can write or find the time to write lyrics for each and every tune, then you may consider to collaborate with a lyric writer.

If you want to find a co-writer for lyrics,tunes or both, then joining to one of the songwriter associations and songwriter guilds,could be a solution for you. But, keep in mind that a membership is not for free. Associations and guilds are having some more advantages. They know a lot of music-business people ( A&R,music publishers, entertainment companies...), and some have good services ( Copyright service,demo service..)

One advice thought, never pay for lyrics or for tunes . If a lyric writer agrees to write lyrics for your songs, then this must be done in a team partner ship with a 50/50 royalties split agreement.

Both lyrics and tunes are important for your song. So, you can't say that one is more important then the other. If you work together, then royalties on copyrights will be split, and every partner get his part.

A songwriter can also a band-member. Then the songwriter receives royalties for his songs.Sometimes songwriters agree to chair the royalties with the other band members. Not smart, but it keeps a good spirit in the group. But still, even this doesn't seems to work when troubles arrive. A good example are the Beatles. Paul Mc Cartney wrote most of the Beatles hit songs.

But to keep the good vibes in the band, he'd agreed to share the royalties with the four band members. Result, after a couple years the band split.

A songwriter can be a band member and still write songs for others (bands,singers..) He will be for a fact the riches guy of the group, and nothing can't stop that. Even when the band split, he will receive money from royalties, as long as there CD's will be sold on the market.., and that the music will be broadcast on radio,television.....

Some songwriters get only one hit song. They are called "the one hit wonders" writers. If a song is covered by a hundreds of music artists all over the world, getting rich with only one "Hit song" can't be a too big surprise.

Or your song is used for a movie. When the movie is a smashing hit, then you really win the lottery. That's why you never may sell your songs for a fee, even when it seems a good deal, it's not. The one who wants to buy the royalties on your song, knows better then you what your song is worth. Keep that in mind. Never sell the rights on a song for money. Go to our

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