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2-For all our (New) subscribers, Two FREE!( Download) E-books. Starting an online business! All you have to know..

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1) Welcome word..

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Hi and welcome to our latest issue of songwriter x-press. Thanks to all of you for the support, and special thanks to new subscribers who may not forget to download our two free e-books..


New subscribers can download ( if they wish) can download two great gifts for free: Two business e-books on how to start and run an Internet (online) business successfully.

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Make Your Content Presell!

Ten tips to improve your ste's traffic.

About 6 years ago I've started a website "Song-makes-musicbusiness.com" to share information with other songwriters. I needed to shuffle my own songwriting aside for a while, because of a new home, and a baby on the way. But in the evening I had some spare time to do something that(number two)

Six pages you need to have: Bio,your music,message board,link page,contact page.. Just a grip of the many pages you could add to your site..

A website is by far the most important road to promote yourselves ,and your music.. Why? A site can bring you visitors. These are constantly looking for high value information,new music, and all forms of entertainment available on the Internet. The Internet is the biggest market place that you can possibly imagine. Ninety percent of websites are dot com sites, that means "Commercial". They want to do business. If you wish to sell your songs, or your music on-line, then you too need a commercial website. A site with lots of traffic brings in visitors to sell your music to. More about creating a website!

How to get more visitors to your site?

That's the question.. Some people think that you just have to enter to the socializing networks, youtube,Myspace,facebook,and have immediately a never ending stream of visitors to your own site..Some even think that a facebook page, or Myspace, will do to promote your music..

If you really want to be successful on the net, then you need to start a website of your own. Myspace is a website, and Facebook is one.. The founders of these popular sites are becoming billionaires. The thing is that everyone who joint these networks have been cooperating to create this success. These website are nothing more then very good working businesses..

So, how to create a website that get lots of traffic?

I will give you here my top ten tips.. or better un-written SEO (search engine optimisation)rules. If you thinking about starting a site, or you already have a site, read them carefully...

Tip one: Add as much content to your site..Traffic that comes to your site is mostly referred by search engines (Google,Yahoo,Bing...). SE love content. They provide their costumers with information that they find on the net. This info is still 98 % existing out of well written content..

Tip two. You need some well placed keywords into your content.. Keywords are the key-factors of your incoming traffic. When the SE send spiders to crawl the web-site's content, then they search for keywords.. A site page has a title and description. Head keywords are placed in the title,in the headline,in the site decription...into text links..The number of keywords is depending of the amount of content on the page.. Many webmasters made a mistake to put to many keywords in the first 500 words of the page..or to less keywords on the page. But some web-hosts have solved this problem with a little tool..A keyword checker..

Tip three:Link exchange is important. Get quality links from other value websites to your site. That's why you need to start with link exchange..

Tip four: Links need to be placed properly, this means on the right place. Just one click from your home page.Check out the site with which you exchange links.If you want to rank well with Google, then it's important for the success of your site that the links are well placed. Not more then one click from away from your home page is important..

Tip five: Don't link with link farms. Some websites are doing link exchange with hundreds of websites, and then they add these links on just one page. Or they split the page in two or three pages, and name these pages "More links page one, and more links page three..and so on.. They have a large number of links. These smells to link-farming.. Such pages are left by the search engines because they contain only links, and no or with a little content..If your link to these websites your link will be a quality link, and the link back from the link-farm will be a poor link with low value for your site.. If you see a page with more then fifty links or so, don't do a exchange.. To read more information about link exchange..

Tip six: Make sure that the pages contain the page keyword.. For instants,webmasters often name their pages juts: www.mysite.com/links, or www.mysite.com/about. A better solution is: www.mysite.com/band-resources www.mysite.com/songwriting, www.mysite.com/keyword (replace "keyword" by the keyword of your page, depending on what the topic of your page is..

Tip seven: Use a keyword checker to find the right keywords for your pages

tip eight: Use a trustworthy web-host. One that last already on the Internet for many years. I don't say that newbies are not trustworthy, but years of experience makes the more established web-host better. They improve with the years. I've seen the goodies and the bad guy's too.. One thing sure. Bad don't last for long..

Tip nine: Don't think that your website need to contain all the bells and wissles..Flash animation, videos..The more of the gadgets you have, the more time it takes to load the page.. Something that your visitor don't like is to wait more then 10 seconds. He hit the page-back button and gone is your visitor.

Tip ten: Your site need continue to grow, and it need up-dates..If a webmaster don't make any changes to his pages, sites are left behind by SE spiders, what makes that your site's traffic is going down...

One last note: Don't consider a social network sites as full website. These can be used as a step and stone to the real work..

Read here more about music link exchange!

Into the spotlights..

Hi. This is the "Spotlight" corner of our monthly newsletter. Every one who's can be into the "Spotlights". Just reply th our newsletter and let me know who you are. You need to be a subscriber, and you need to have a website, or Myspace,... This to show who you are and how serious you are to make it into the music business, and we need to check out if you are over 18 years old. If you're uder 18, please don't submit.. So, if you submit us this info, and

if we notice your name and e-mail address in our mailing list, you'll get your promotion ad. Better not give no specific details like street address,cellphone number..... This to avoid that people spamming you. Spam is a real plague on the net..I'll know for myself..sad thing, but that's the net,isn't it?

Your ad will stay live on our newsletter for two month. But note that there are back issues on our website for each issue. So, visitors of our website(curently about 10,000 Unique Vi)can also visit these back issues, and see your ad what means that you or your band going to have a lot of "FREE" promotion..for a long time..If you wish to remove your ad on the back issues. Drop me a line, or just reply to this newsltetter..

The webmaster

Minister Keith Fentress from the United States, is looking for artists with original,new Christian Pop, Rock, CCM music for New CD Project.

E-mail Address: keith.fentress@gmail.com

You can also contact Keith through it's web site..

Web Site URL: www.keithfentress.org

Visit our web site...Song Makes Musicbusiness.com

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Thinking about starting your own website! Than,why not building yourself an online business..Easy,if you know how..

Everything you need to know about promotion

The yellow pages of the Music Industry

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