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1- Welcome word

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3- Article: Ten mistakes that you have to avoid!

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1) Welcome word..

First of all <> , thank's for your support. A special thanks to the new subscribers. We, here at "Song-makes-musicbusiness.com" have had quit a busy month.

We have created a total new corner on our website, namely, the "Unsigned opportunities" corner. Gig opportunities,unsigned festivals,band contest. Also, there's the "record deals pages, part one and two..Songwriting contest page..They are all put together now. So, if you are looking for an opportunity...

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3) Article: Ten mistakes that you have to avoid!

In this month article we will discuss some difficulties that songwriters absolutely have to avoid when starting a music career. Of course,I understand that all beginning is difficult,and everybody makes mistakes. True, you can learn from mistakes.

You can say: "Next time better". But if you make too many mistakes, it can become quit discouraging, and depending of course what kind mistakes you make, music business can block your demo submissions, and there goes your career too.

If you make too many mistakes, it looks so un-professional, and that's what you have to avoid them.

So,try to look professional, and you are having one step ahead ( on your competition).

So, here's a list with mistakes that you better should not do, and that can harm or even delete your songwriting career..

After-all , in the end it's the music industry that decides to make or to break you.

Here we go...

1- Always copyright your songs before you send them to publishers,record labels.....

2- Make sure that your package looks perfect. Everything must look perfect inside and outside your package. Printed labels,Printed CD...

3- Your demo CD must sound professional, or as professional as possible. For instants, use Cd's and in stead of a cassette. Fact is that CD music is of an much higher quality than cassette. Cd's are looking more professional than cassettes. Nobody use them anymore..

4- Put Not more than 3 or a max. of 4 songs on your promo demo.

5- Put your strongest song first, then the second best, and so on..

If A&R are listening to your demo, and the first song isn't not what they expecting, or they don't like your first song,then they don't bothering listen to the other songs either. After all, they have to listen to a lot of demos, and it taks a lot of time... If your first song makes a good impression, they will not listen any further ..

Tip: Try to make a good impression in every angle of the music promotion. From your package to your CD, and your recorded songs. Convince these people that you are really a professional songwriter,music artist....

6- Never sell the publishing right of your songs for a flat fee. It probably would be the biggest mistake of your life.

7-Never pay money to set lyrics to your music. If a lyric-writer likes your songs, you team-up and split the royalties for the song(s). But never pay for lyrics.

8- Signing a contract to quickly. Don't sign "anything" offered too fast. Read the contract carefully, and if there's any doubt in your mind, go and ask for legal advice. Especially when it's about a six figures record deal. Also, in the United States, contracts, record deal, or publishing deal, are very difficult to read.

They are mostly not written in plain English but rather a "music law" language. When it's about a "big deal" search for a person who isn't specialized in entertainment law. Music business is "Big business". So, you never can't be too sure if you've been offering a record deal, contract...or what ever

9- Don't take the words of friends and family to seriously when it comes to good "Hit" potential songs. You can ask them to assess your song(s), but it's better to ask for an evaluation of your songs to the music business people. Why you should ask for advice? You have to make a selection with your three best of all your songs that you have in your catalog. A song assessment or a

song review might be the solution...for you.
10 Avoid to send to the wrong record labels, otherwise it's a waste of time and money..Select and choose the companies that accept your style of music to send your promotion package to. So, you better do some research before sending.

..Tip: If you get some rejection letters. Be happy that you get some.And keep in mind which company have send yo a letter.In fact, the most professional companies will send you a letter. Of some, you won't hear nothing anymore. If you have a phone number, you can always make a phone call.

Be polite, present yourself with your name. ( You never know that they will write it down )and ask if they have listen to your songs..Again, if the answer is "Yes, but no..because of this of that reason....

OK, take a deep breath... Stay polite, don't start to yell, or don't get angry. Keep it polite. Thank them for the time and lay down the phone..That's it...

One last thing. . If making music is your dream.. Then continue writing songs. Never give up on your dreams


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4)Into the spotlights...Graham Seers

Uk songwriter Graham Seers.

His style of music is:Pop Indie dance rock E-mail Address: graham@seers123.freeserve.co.uk

Web Site URL: grahamseers.website.orange.co.uk

5)Useful services

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