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3) Article: Teaming-up: Part two! Start your own label!

If you've visit the record labels page, and you've seen some of the labels that were of your interests. You might have noticed something in particular? No..well a great deal of these labels are Indie labels. Independent record labels, started by people like you and me.

With other words: The A&R exc. , the leading people of these labels are in fact just ordinary people . To start a record label or even a publishing company,no special qualifications are required, and no special connections in the music business world. You can always give it a try and see where it ends...but..

Mostly these people were already active into the music industry or music branch, before they decided to go their own way. Of course. They have the advantage of knowing how to start and run a label. They know how things works in the music industry.

To do it all by yourself might be step to far.. You need more man power to run a label. You can always try it by yourself, and start a one men music business, but that won't be easy. Find reliable people, friends,family, to team-up with. Build a solid base to start your new indie label.

Together they decide which acts to sign, or not.True, if you start label on your own, then the decision is yours, yours (A&R exec.)alone.

After-all,three minds now more then one. What are the things that you have to keep in mind if you consider to start your own independent record label. There are quit a number of them, but I'll try to keep it with the most important ones.

* You start a business. Then, as a business you need a tax id, to avoid problems. Ask around what you have to do. In every country this can be different.I'm sure you find a lot information about how and when, on the internet.

* Keep your promises to your signed clients. For instants,if you like to do some compilation cd's. Then, it's all about promotion..So think twice before you make promises that you cant keep. Your label will not last long if you don't.

* It's an advantage if you have a list with standard music contracts, ready to sign and easy to understand. About music contracts,you'll find a link below.

*Keep in mind that bands,music artists, will send you there promotion package. This can be 100,200...500 ( or more)a week, and You have to listen to the most of them.

*. If people are doing an effort and including an stamped envelope with their address clearly labeled. Not every package will have one. Be so friendly to send them an rejection letter. This shows that you are driving an professional music business. If the package doesn't have such an envelope, but the cd is nearly perfect and really do has potential. Send them an letter anyway. Their next package might be a bull eye. So, threat them well. Send them an nice and polite rejection letter.

* Be honest. I know. It's almost the same as "keep your promises". You can always stay with yourself as the only signed artist to your label. But still. You need to be honest with yourself. Don't you? There is a need for honest people on the internet. There's enough junk and spam. Keep it real.

*The compilation adventure. This can be perfect working, it takes a lot of work, but it could be working with out ripping of the bands, and music artists who agree to be included and have a temporary signing deal. It goes wrong when you want to lounge a compi CD every month. Or worth: Two cd's every month. Then it smells like ripping of.

* The biggest advantage of having your own record label is that you doesn't have to share your profits or income from CD sales,.... You own the whole 100 % of the royalties and the CD sales.No splitting up. * How can you learn how to start a record label and how much will it cost you?

Who Can Start an Independent Label?

By: Ty Cohen

Are you a struggling artist who just wants their music to be heard or are you someone who is frustrated with the major labels and everything that comes along with them? It doesn’t matter who you are or what you have accomplished, anyone who has the desire can learn how to start an independent record label. Over the next few minutes, we are going to explore why starting an Indie label is such a great idea.

Let’s say you are that struggling artist who can’t seem to catch a break. You want your music recorded and released to the public but can’t seem to get signed. Well, now-a-days, this isn’t a problem. Even if you thought you didn’t know how to start a record label before, you are about to learn just how easy it is…

Get in the studio, record your album and start selling. Is it really that easy? Well, yes and no. Yes, that is what you do and once you have accomplished the first step then you are well on your way.

Some people say they want to know how to start and run your own record label but they are worried because they aren’t artists themselves. That is absolutely ok. Maybe you are just a fan or just a lover of music, not a performer. This may be a plus for you. Although not always true but sometimes the creative artsy types have a harder time running the business side of a label. Maybe you should team up and have the best of worlds, a lover of and a performer of music.

Independent labels offer freedom for artists and owners. They also are known to have a bigger return on investment because there are less people to split profits with. You will retain complete creative control and all the rights to your music. If you have been searching for how to start an independent record label, then look no further. The future is in the palm of your hands. It is relatively inexpensive in the beginning and when profits are generated then you will expand.

The time is now because the music market is expanding and the door is wide open for independent labels. It is better than ever so you need to act. Find a mentor that can help you learn how to start a record label if you need to. But you need to get in while the getting is good.

About the Author: Ty Cohen, the online music industry's most recognizable voice is the former owner of a successful independent record label, current owner of Platinum Millennium publishing and nation-wide music industry seminar speaker and panelist. He is also the author and creator of over 40 best-selling music business books, reports, courses, audio products and other music industry "How to" resources, that have helped tens of thousands of individuals like you to successfully find their way in the music business. Visit http://www.musiccontracts101.com/cmd.php?Clk=2255316 for more information on how to start an independent record label, how to start a record label and how to start and run your own record label.

There's a lot more to say about starting your own music business and working in a team ..But this would take us too far and long.. Read and think these things over first and if you are ready for it, give it a try..


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4) songcontests!

Some songwriting contests open for entry...

UK Songwriting Contest - The UK song competition in association with BBC Radio, The BRIT Trust (of BRIT Awards fame) and other leading music industry organizations. www.songwritingcontest.co.uk/
Unisong International Songwriting Contest - Entries accepted from June 1st to November 5th www.unisong.com/

John Lennon Songwriting Contest Dedicated to creating opportunities for professional and amateur songwriters, Yoko Ono Lennon presents annual contest in 12 genres

Session II - OPEN Open - June 16, 2008 Deadline - December 15, 2008 Winner Announcement - March 1, 2009 John Lennon Songwriting Contest

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