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1- Welcome word

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3-article(s) About entering to media contest, and another about home recording

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1) Welcome word..

Dear <>,

Hi and welcome to our latest issue of songwriterX-press. It's a short article this month, 'cause I'm taking a few days vacation leaving today...So...

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First of all...

Hi guy's..Thanks for being with us.

Short introduction info about our site "Song-makes-musicbusiness.com".

So,a few years ago I decided to created this website to share all the knowledge that I 'I've gathered through the years. I always say that I can't learn how to write a hit song, because if there was a recipe for hit songs, every one would writing hit songs, and hit-songs would become normal. Compare it as if everybody would know the winning numbers of the lottery..and hit the jackpot..

What I do is giving advice on how to promote, and record your songs as a professional would do. Also, I try to find resources that accept demo submissions, and that's probably the biggest work, and also very highly targeted by our site's visitors..

Our site "Song-makes-music-business.com" in numbers.

We receive about 9 to 10,000 visitors monthly.. and about 15,000 returning visitors..

Most of our site visitors, about 65 %, is coming from the United States, 5% from the UK, and the rest from Europe, Australia, Canada China and more than 100 other countries..

Our website has 186 pages online..home page included.

There are also the Back Issues. These are the newsletter in the past published.These stay online on our site.. Every visitor that comes to our site can read them..


Article: contests

For pure songwriters to be honest,there isn't much publicity here. The winners of the song contest aren't sure anymore of getting to the top, this in contradiction to what has happen to song contest winners of the past. They almost had the guarantee of being at the top for at least a few years. Nowadays, everything is moving quick and fast. Today you'll the winner of the Eurovision song contest, and tomorrow no one knows you anymore. OK, that's life folks.

Other contests as World Idol,Star academy,X-Factor,the Voice....just to name a few, have been taken over the leading role in the search for new music talents.All these contests have been created partly with the purpose of finding new talent, and as entertainment for the spectators. As I see it , this is the first priority of the program developers: Entertainment.

Everyone has the chance to proof himself. To show how good they are in singing and (or ) dancing.. Many of contestants are songwriters too, but the show must go on. These artists get the attention of the media,TV and radio, the music business, and the public. So, that's a really good thing for people who want to get into the picture, and want to get noticed by the music industry. So, that's really a pro.

The cons are that people could get really disappointed, and this can even happen on both sides. The winner(s) of the contest, and the music business people If you are good at songwriting then this is not something for you. Music business can be hard, and disillusions are seems to playing behind every corner. If you are an independent artist you wish to have some freedom. Well, that's the problem with competitions as there are the Voice, Idol, or X-factor...If you get let's say to the finale 5, chances are that you will get a contract. If you are a pure performer, then this could work-out fine.

But if you are an indie artist who wish to create something of yourself, then things could really become difficult. For some it could be the end of there music business career after a big disappointment. If you win the contest, then you become the poppy on a string. For some this isn't a problem at all. After-all, the money comes in, and life is hard but great. They have the time of there life..

Starting with Home recording

My personal choice for a home recording is a BOSS Digital recorder. It's an all in one digital home recording studio that is also portable.If you're not familiar with such recording device, then you better take the BR-800. The reason to start small is that these machines are quit technical, and expensive..A BR-800 will cost you about $800 or 600 Euro..Depending of course where you'll buy this equipment..

The smallest version of the BOSS music production solution has the following

-track simultaneous recording or 8 track playback with dedicated drum track.

- COSM effects,amps, and acoustic guitar modeling Vocal effects with intelligent multi-part harmonies and pitch correction

EZ recording wizard for easy recording -Cakewalk Sonar 8,5 with full Audio loops -Interface based on Touch sensors, easy to work with.. Song Sketch provides instant stereo audio capture

-USB capability: Audio interface, control surface for DAW.

There are more sophisticated devices on the market, but to start your home recording not spending a lot of money, and learning to work with such recording production device. Starting small is the best option..

Into the spotlight..

Hi. This is the "Spotlight" corner of our monthly newsletter. Every one who's can be into the "Spotlights". Just reply th our newsletter and let me know who you are. You need to be a subscriber, and you need to have a website, or Myspace,... This to show who you are and how serious you are to make it into the music business, and we need to check out if you are over 18 years old. If you're under 14, please don't submit.. So, if you submit us this info, and

if we notice your name and e-mail address in our mailing list, you'll get your promotion ad. Better not give 'NO' specific details like street address,cell-phone number..... This to avoid that people start spamming you. Spam is a real plague on the net..I'll know it-for myself..sad thing, but that's the net,isn't it?

Your ad will stay live here on our newsletter for two month, and all the back-issues stay available on our website were visitors of our site can see and read it again.

The webmaster

5) Useful services

Are you thinking about starting your own website! Everyone deserves a second chance in live..This company can give you this chance.. T building an online business.. Not about "quick rich" but "Easy,if you know how"..

Everything you need to know about promotion

The yellow pages of the Music Industry

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Thanks again for sharing your time with us.

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