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1- Welcome word

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3- Article: Starting your online (music) business

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1) Welcome word..

Hi guy's..

First of all thank's for your support. Special thanks to the new subscribers.Thanks giving is already pass by,... The year 2009 is running out. The New year is standing on the door.. But first things first: Chrismass...

Let me wish you a Merry Christmass and a Happy New Year to you all...

Enjoy your meal and have a good party.

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Talking about business! This month article is about "doing buisnes online".

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3) Article:

Important things that you have to know when starting with your web presence.

If you are an performing artist, songwriter,singer-songwriter, or band member, then you and your band need some exposer. Ever thought about starting your own web site?

You could say: I'm already on the net with Myspace,Youtube,....and many others. OK, these sites are good promotion for artists,and the best advantage is that it's completely free.

But who do you think has the most advantage of all. It's not the artist with only one page web presence who's gonna make it to the fame and fortune, it are the guy's who own these social networking sites who are doing a golden business. Remember that Google bought Youtube for more than a billion dollars.

Of course, their webmasters where genius with a sharp sight into the future of the Internet world. They have achieved their dream: They have made a web site and become millionaire or even billionaire. They probably didn't expected success to be that much..

Also true, not everybody will having such bright prospects. But as we often mentioning: The world is for the one who's dare to do and to take the first step, even when the road is fairly dark.

To do business, the Internet is probably the best solutions you can think of. Of course you have to deal with a lot of competition, but there's always a solution to sail these clips safely. Every month, the number of Internet users is growing. These people are all prospective buyers.

They can buy your book, your CD, or your other products.. They can read your info and see the advertisements on your web site.

What are the ingredients of a successfully online business?

Good copy, to start with. It's all depending of the search engines how much traffic your site will receive. If the search engines love your onsite content on certain subjects, then they will send costumers to your web site. With excellent content I don't mean a few pages, but with more than hundreds pages great information.

That's what the search engines , as Google and Yahoo, are looking for. Providing the spiders good strong copy, and they love your site. You will attract visitors and you can turn them in costumers.

What has songwriting , or music to do with an on-line business?

You which to sell Cd's? You which to buy expensive recording equipment?

The Internet and an Internet business can provide you with the necesarry cash flow, on one condition. That you follow the right steps...

Also,you need to be patient. Never over rush things.

I know for a fact that it will take some time,some effort, and some cash,too. But the thruth is that every business , online or of line, takes time,takes effort and cash.

The biggest advantage on-line is that you need only a fraction of the amount of cash that an of-line business would cost you... One last thing...

If you never dare to take a risk (what risk?), you'll be sitting in front of your computer while others are grabbing the opportunities.

Keep well....


December is a very quiet month when it's going about signing a record deal. The fact si that in this month there are little or no deals, or contracts to offer. The best thing is to wait until next year before sending new material to labels or publishers..

4)Looking for songs?

First Name:

E-mail Address: syazanakharlinajasminejaafar@yahoo.com

Country: Malaysia Pop rock and solo singer Syazana Jasmine, want to a find chance to be great singer someday like Miley Cyrus or Demi Lovato. I'm just 15 years old.

If you wish to send song material: Make sure that your material is copyrighted and in case you wish to team-up. Make sure that you have a signed agreement between both parties..

You can visit Syazana Jasmine's web page here:
United States Chistian solo artist "Carly" is looking for Christian songs..

E-mail Address: cfletch22@aol.com

If you wish to send song material: Make sure that your material is copyrighted and in case you decide to team-up. Make sure that you have a signed agreement between both parties..

6)Useful services

If you're thinking about starting your own web site! Than,why not building yourself a solid online business.. Read this info how to... Step by step..

A word about promotion

Promote your demo CD..Everything you have to know..

The yellow pages of the Music Industry

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