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1) Welcome word..

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Reminder: 5 tips

5 reminder tips

Tip number one: Never give up on your dreams or You will get nightmares after-wards.

tip 2: make sure that your songs are not too long. An average of three minutes is OK.

Songwriting tip 3 with a max. of three verses. Two would even be better. Most hit songs are shorter than 3,30 minutes. Check it out.

Tip 4: Make that the strongest words or phrase as your song title, and make that they are repeatable into the song. People will easier remember the song, because of the repetition of these words and, important, buy your song or CD.

Tip 5:Try to write regularly. The many songs you write , the more chances you have to write a hit song. I guess, two songs a week is enough. But I keep saying it: "The more songs or lyrics you write , the better chances you have to break into the music industry".

Article: Starting your own music business!

Now and then I receive an email, sometimes from subscribers of the newsletter, and sometimes from website visitors who are contacting me through one of the online forms.. Most of them are quit positive and that's what I'm doing it for. To get appreciated for all the work that I've done through the years. This is something that gives Me good feeling,although I'm not always able to make your wishes come true, I try to respond with a positive not.

This month article is about the music industry.. Is it difficult to start a music business?

The music business is a fairly unknown subject among songwriters and music artists. The best known are the record labels, and the music publishers. Then the managers, and the music producers.. But did you know that you to can start a music business yourself?

All these previous mentioned music business guys are jobs that you can do too.. The only thing you need is to figure out how to run them, and start one. It goes with music business as with all other businesses that you wish to start..You need to prepare a business plan first. All other things could be differ from country to country.

What you need to do if you wish to start a music business. First of all, you need to gather all information on whatever business you wish to start. Music publisher, record label, music producer..There are tons of books and courses to find on these subjects. Although, one course will be more costly then an other, but you can find the right info anyway.. Expensive or less expensive..

Most easiest music business to start is an Indie record label. There are laterally ten thousands to find on the Internet. Many bands just setting up a website, and call it "NNN-records.com" and look. You got a record label. Sad enough, these record labels are disappearing as fast as they have been arrived.

Even the easiest ( that's my own opinion thought) music business that you can start is a record label,but it also need some research first.. Don't jump in the dark, and see what happen, never...Nine of the ten it will be a disastrous ending, with many disappointed people left behind.

I know it for myself, when I make the up-dates on the web site for the record label pages. Half of the record labels are gone after 2 years..Easy come and easy go. If you start a music business, what ever business it may be, just learn first how to run your business as a professional would do.

Also, starting a business takes work, and time. Make sure that you have enough time to set-up your business properly. If you're in a band, then you can spread the work among the members and so you safe some time to do other things that need to be done.. Rehearsal,performing, writing songs...

So,think twice before you start your own business.. Especially in the starting up faze there's a lot of things to do, so other things comes on the second place (writing songs included).. But again, if you know how to run a record label, or a publishing company, if you have the right information, then you are having some advantage on the others who just jumping into deep water with out a life jacket..

Fact one, best country to live in for songwriters ( and other creative people) still is Ireland. All artists and creative people are liberated of paying taxes..This could change because Ireland has being hit hard by the financial crises..

Into the spotlights..

This month into the spotlight: Lance Toohey from Cairns,Australia

Hi Guys, ....myself, Lance W Toohey (lyricist) and my music collaborator Bryan Retter have just completed a CD of 10 country, rock, ballad and blues demo songs. We have only been together for 2 months, but the minute I heard Byran's music and saw his studio I realised I had hit the jackpot. Bryan (in his own words) spends little time with lyrics (good news for me) but he is a prolific and amazing music writer with some 30 or so years involved in the music industry.

Myself, I only started writing song lyrics about 3-4 years ago and have amassed almost 700 lyrics, so I guess I might qualify as prolific myself. From the moment my friend Terry Doyle added music to one of my lyrics I was hooked. Now I am seeking to write full time and maybe with a bit of luck and plenty of collaboration time with Bryan, "you just never know ya luck in a big city!" Lance W Toohey

Visit our web site...Song Makes Musicbusiness.com

5) Useful services

Thinking about starting your own website! Than,why not building yourself an online business..Easy,if you know how..

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