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Welcome friends...

Sorry for being so late this time with this issue of my latest newsletter, but I had a very good reason . Well,let me tell you the joyfully news that I've been father for the third time. My wife has give birth to a beautiful baby daughter on the 25 of march, and mother and baby are doing very well.

So, now you know this, you can imagine that I wanted to spend some time with this new member of my family. The birth was a joyful moment for me and I'm a very happy dad. This said and done, let's start our newsletter and go to the next headline..

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3) Songwriting Contests! Enter or not enter?

"How can I bring my music career to the next level " is a question that many new songwriters and music artists often ask them-self. . One way to do this is to make promotion for your music, and one of these promotion roads, namely Songwriting contests, we'll discuss here in this newsletter article.

There are all kind of music contests . Probably the most famous of all are the Idol singer contests, and all it's variations. There are the US Idols , The UK Idols, The Australian Idols, and further in almost every country on the globe and every brother, sister, mother, father, and friends, if they are aware of your vocal talents, they will advice you to enter these .

If you really want fame and fortune, and a million dollar contract signed, then taking your chance in one of these huge Idol contest can be acceptable.. If you're not afraid for the high criticizing judges, and you can keep your head up and smile in any circumstances, the Idols is your contest.

If you don't like to get knocked down and crashed on the ground, don't enter, because this is what can happen to you too (and not only to the poor guy's on your television). If you can deal with an rejection, then don't enter. Rejection is your middle name when dealing with the music business people.


Remember what I said about the music industry , "The hardest business in existence, and the competition is fierce. Well, the competition is even fiercer on TV , with millions of spectators to entertain. Some will amuse you and some will surprise. I prefer the last one, but one never know what can go wrong when it comes to the point of "I'll make it or I'll make it not".

But we won't talk about "Idol and Co" here, because these contests aren't going about songwriting abilities and are better for singers only . I just tell you this, because these are the best known contests, while friends and family will advice you to enter. If you have an excellent voice, you can take your chance, naturally.

What we'll discuss are the real songwriting contests, and there are a lot about them, findable on the Internet.

It's true, there are enough good songwriting contests, where your singing voice, your instrumentalist, and your writing skill, after much deliberation can be judged by music experts. Most of them have a web site, and are easy to find.

Also, songwriting contests are excellent as exposer-and promotion aim , that can boost your songwriting career sky high. Your songs will (or can) be heard by professionals and even if you don't win , people have heard your music and your name, what is always a plus for you to help you move higher on the ladder.

A contest has almost the same input as sending your promotion package to a publisher or a a&r exec people.

Although, there's a slightest difference. With a contest you will get noticed, positive or negative, but you will get a chance, just like everybody else. If you sent a package to a record company or a music publisher, you'll be never sure of getting anything back at all.

Most songwriting contests that you find on the Internet are for amateurs or wit other words unsigned bands, songwriters and singer-songwriters. This is the chance for unsigned talent to get finally the recognition that they deserved .

Of course,it's not always roses all the way. In some cases you have to be careful with contests. Especially new starting contest, or better , with the organizers of. Some will offer you a demo recording and send you a songwriter contract and ctr or with a price-list of their demo recording service. Also, there can be some reasons for not getting any news from some songwriting contests, and I only want you warn you guy's that there are scam too on the playground.

Reason one: They took your money and run of. Although, this is the most less forthcoming reason.

Reason Two: The songwriting contest has canceled for reason of a lac of subscribers.

Reason three: You did not win any price and you don't let you don't here nothing of them anymore.

Reason Four: You must know that some contests, where you can enter during the whole year. So, it can take a while when you've entered right from the start. With these contests, you have to be patient and better wait some time before entering ( and even wait until the last month of the subscription end date). Best advice here is this: Do some research before entering, and think twice and then decide .

There could be other reasons too, for not receiving any news. If you have an interesting story to tell; an funny anecdote , or any other useful information, of your own experience with songwriting contests, let us know and just reply to this newsletter.

Off course........

Off course, there are well established songwriting contests, already existing for some years, where you don't have to worry about to have any troubles with of any kind.

To end with I would like to say it in terms of Easter times, "Don't lay all your eggs in the same promotion basket". There are many different ways to promote your demo, and one of them is to enter a songwriting contest. Try out the others to. Promote your music to the world, as much as you can, and don't fear the critics. No matter what I just wrote in this article, songwriting contests are great for your demo promotion , and to lift up your songwriting career to a higher level ( if your good and with a little luck too)

The next link will lead you to a page with a listing of the most important songwriting contests companies.

Looking for Songwriting Contests?

There always be pros and cons.

. That's the world. Isn't it?

Hope you enjoyed this article and that you've learned some thing about songwriting contests. Again, if you have experience with contests,good or bad, then let us know, and well add it in our next issue. The Information that you pass on can help other songwriters and they'll be grateful for it.

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The Music Contracts! The best advice that I can give you is this. Music contracts... Never ever start a business relationchip with-out a contract is been signed ! Period..

The Ultimate Recordlabel!

SiteSell's Video Tour! If you're a creative person, and thinking about an online-business.. Please... Check this out before you take the wrong host...

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